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What makes a good story? An Evil Princess, A Warrior, Mystical Creatures that could not logically exist, Innocent Bystanders, &an Event that could possibly be the End Of The World as we know it...

NUBARA...Surfacing as a land mass near you!

C: Good evening fans. This is Creator Chase Ricks and welcome to my second interview article here ever. Tonight I would like to introduce you all to Alex Singh and we will be discussing his new book Nubara. Tell me Alex have you been interviewed before?

A. S: My first interview actually. Would you like to see my book cover? And drawings of my characters My book is not an anime, but I had my artist draw me my vision of my characters My book is about Atlantis and the end of the world

C: Sure, go ahead. What genre is it?

A.S. :Sci Fi and Fantasy and it will be a 3 book triology. That's the EBook Cover

A.S. :That's the Special Edition Book Cover with my characters on it.

C: Okay cool. How long have you been interested in being an author?

A.S. :Since I was 13. I actually published my first book when I was 17

C: Very well. How many books have you written and have been published so far?

A.S. :So far just two.

C: Very well, what would you like to tell our audience about yourself? This way I can help introduce you to potential fans.

A.S. :I am a Libra, who loves the world of Books, being an only child I escaped everyday life by reading & using my imagination & to to be honest it never gets boring. I like entertaining, it must be a Libra thing! LOL! I live in a multicultural city which is Toronto and it gives me so many ideas. If I am not writing I am reading if not that I am exploring the city!

C: Sounds reasonable enough. Now then your new book is about Atlantis and how it relates to the end of Earth. Unlike R. D. Brown, I have never heard of or read your book before so can you briefly provide a summary of what it is about and what kind of characters are in it and the genre?

A.S. :Nubara is about a bunch of strangers intertwined by destiny to meet only to discover they are connected to the legendary myth of Nubara, an island created by The Queen of Atlantis when she was cast out for falling in love with the King of Nibiris aka Planet X. Their Daughter Omegaura becomes the ruler of the island and is feared by all. The events leading to the disappearance of the Island have not been discovered yet but pieces will come together as readers follow the journey of the characters in the book.

C: So they are descendants of ancient Atlanteans is what you are saying?

A.S. :Yes. Well Atlanteans and Nibiris!

C: Nibiris, from the spelling I understand these are the race of people on Nubara. That's a very unique spelling.

A.S.: Yes actually the spelling is as real as Planet X is real, it is Nibiris. Well Nibiru I changed it to accommodate my story. The Nibiru cataclysm is a supposed disastrous encounter between the Earth and a large planetary object (either a collision or a near-miss) which certain groups believe will take place in the early 21st century. Believers in this doomsday event usually refer to this object as Planet X or Nibiru.

C: Okay very interesting. I once read a scifi book called "Nemesis" about a rogue deadly planet/star on a collision course with a human space colony and it sounds very similar to what you have told me about your book. Now I easily could be wrong but if I am not, how similar are these two different books

A.S. : I have never read that book so I am not sure. This is mine.

C: I will have to purchase and read your book so I can come up with new questions to ask you. This is because it is naturally hard to interview an author whose books I have never read before and this will help me to be able to better find ways your fans can get to know you and learn more about your book too.

A.S. : Cool! I am excited. But I love my book so far! Very excited for Book 2 as it reveals the past which everyone is interested in so far.

C: Oh! Are you self published or do you have a book company publishing for you?

A.S. : Self Published via Amazon. Here is another summary of the book! The story follows a group of scientist as they try to find the secrets of a mystical world called Nubara. Through the authors vivid imagination, Nubara plays an essential role through the tale of new friends tasked with a heavy mission to complete. The characters must find the root of recent major earthquakes in an effort to stop an impending apocalyptic-style event.

C : I know of very few authors who have at least one self published book so I am aware it is a very hard and difficult time consuming process. In your time as a writer, I am sure you have learned many valuable ideas. What can you tell those who might be thinking of being authors to help them out on their journey?

A.S. :Yes that is a much more detailed summary. I would first say NEVER GIVE UP! Remember that 50 Shades of Grey, Hunger Games, The Martian & The Maze Runner were all self published Books first. Which means anything is possible. I did it this route to feel achievement without taking a shorter way out, I wanted to feel control of my work & to be honest I felt accomplished!

C: Might I ask which authors or books/movies inspired you towards completing both this new book and your first one?

A.S. :When I wrote my first novel which was a thriller I was inspired by the whole slasher scene such as "Scream","I know What You Did Last Summer" & "Urban Legend." For Nubara, I was inspired by the news. All that talk of the end of the world & because I am a huge nerd and love Stargate! I combined the news with my favorite show and created this book series!

C: Okay cool. What are your favorite authors and genres to read?

A.S. :I love Thrillers & Fantasy so authors such as Dean Koontz & Neil Geimen are among my favorites. I love Patrick Suskind for "Perfume :The Story of a Murderer" One of my favorite reads, so creative & descriptive.

C: Yes Dean Koontz happens to be one of my favorite supernatural /thriller genre authors to read as well.

A. S. : I am obsessed with the Frankenstein series & Odd Thomas.

C: Oh don't worry. I make spelling errors too when I type only as compared to writing and I tend to edit my own work so articles I publish have no spelling errors in them anymore usually but not always which is why I am glad Moviepilot allows creators to edit their own articles but I wish they would let us edit our comments there though..

A.S. : Sounds like me, except I had editors for my book & there were still mistakes! But you know what, mistakes make me human & I have sold over 400 Ebook copies of Nubara so people like it

C: Well that alone is very good so far. You must be very glad your book is selling after lots of hard work.

A.S. : Yes I was nervous but I was content as I was mostly proud of myself. Did you want pics of some of my characters perhaps and their roles?

C: Yes please.

Lunati/ Soleil
Lunati/ Soleil

A.S. :The girl with the Energy Bow is Lunati, a trained Assassin who once lived on the Island of Nubara, her name is Lunati. She reincarnates as Soliel, a book smart girl who is involved in the discovery of Nubara but the closer she gets the closer she starts realizing she was apart of the myth itself.


A.S. :Here we have Auracle in the Violet Robe who was kept as a Prisoner by Omegaura in order to predict things to come. Her life was freed when the island sank but she did not survive! She did however reincarnate as Ashley, a girl who is very good with dating and history & is a part of a team trying to uncover the origins of strange earthquakes around the world. During her studies, she crosses paths with Soleil and discovers she too plays a part of Nubara's myth.

C: In other words she was an ancient Oracle.

A.S.Exactly but not always....More on her in Book 2

Esabelle and Callum the main characters.
Esabelle and Callum the main characters.

A.S. :Here we have our Main Characters! Esabelle, a feisty red head who feels drawn to Callum a cowardly lawyer who is a bad liar and unlucky with women except Esabelle. Callum and Esabelle when together form the soul of Omegaura's love Lantis who took his life but his soul comes back but split into 2

Here are Omegaura's Centaurs who work for her! The only female Crimson Black is the most feared one and the leader of the Centaurs!
Here are Omegaura's Centaurs who work for her! The only female Crimson Black is the most feared one and the leader of the Centaurs!

A.S. : Sage White carries a Box & Arrow which never misses while Silver Cannabis has a sword he uses to kill his prey.

A.S. : The Princess of Evil herself...Omegaura and a poster with all characters of book 1.

C: So when you talk about the main characters reincarnating are you drawing upon your own background having been born in India?

A.S. : Yes you are very good.

C: How long did you research to write your book?

A.S. :I researched about 3 months for my novel prior to writing it.

C: Cool. What inspired or sparked this story in question to be written instead of others?

A.S. :Well there was lots of talk of the end of the world & one of my friends at that time was planning a trip to Portugal where it was rumored Atlantis lay at the bottom of the ocean there. So I read articles on Nibiru and how this planet would eventually would destroy Earth. All of these elements in my life at that time combined with my over active imagination and thus a story was created

C: Well you know actually Atlantis has also been rumored to lie between the Americas and Europe/ Africa and in the book "Atlantis Found" even in Antartica too. So why off Portugal in particular?

A.S. :Oh my friend told me about this and I started reading articles about it. To me Atlantis is everywhere lol

C: Not every ruin is from Atlantis. It is far from the only long lost civilization that left ruins on Earth.

A.S. :I know, but Atlantis is so interesting to me and then of course Niburu so I combined the idea into a Book Series

C: Very cool to combine them so. What makes your book series better for fans to read then others?

A.S. :Good Question Chase. I believe my series will touch others more as I have so many Characters they could possibly relate too, combined with the elements of 2 very interesting concepts & making something fresh, I think this series will be a hit!

C: Who is your favorite Character and why?

A.S. : I love Esabelle. She is fiery, fierce and fearless! She reminds me of a few of my close friends & she plays a huge role in the series. I love her Character as she is a breath of fresh air. Not your typical girl & she speaks her mind.

C: Okay next question. Where any of your characters inspired by real life people and if so who and why?

A.S. :Yes. Majority of my Characters were inspired by my friends. Lunati and Soleil are based of my best friend Oupary! Esabelle is based of my friend Isabelle. Omegaura is based off of my friend Katie. There are a few more Characters but they appear later within the series

C: Okay. Can you provide more picture websites tagging each of your characters in the book series?

A.S. : I do have a Facebook Fanpage where I have posted pics of my Characters Any Nubara related Updates are all there as well

C: Yes that works. After all fans will want reference images of your characters too.

A.S. :True, why of course. I am currently working on an Author Blogsite as well. It is not ready as of yet but will be in the next couple of weeks.

C: Okay next question. For the events described in your book, how did you think them up?

A.S.: I have an over-active imagination where everything is action, drama and fantasy

C: Just like mine cool! Until I come up with any more questions is there anything else you wish to add tonight that you did not add last time?

A.S. : No, this is exciting!

C: Maybe a possible spoiler for book 2?

A.S. :The title of Book 2 itself is a spoiler: Origins Of the Risen. So how did I do?

C: So far extremely well. Butt I am far better at writing articles then simply doing interviews as you can probably tell.

A.S. : I love your articles, so well written, full of wit and very catchy. So you read the book a 2nd time! Who was your Fav Character? What was your favorite chapter?

C: Very good and tough questions. Very well my favorite character was the villain once her identity was revealed and my favorite scene when for now her minion was defeated.

A.S. :You mean the Centaur? Cool! Thank you Chase for taking your time to interview me. I mean to even think this book was worth interviewing is an honour to me

C: Sure thing. I actually enjoy meeting new and old authors. One of my tenets originally as a rper was "To bring the fun and joy of rping to all walks of life." Authors and movie makers and game makers do the same thing in their cultures too.

A. S. : Cool. Not to mention you & I are very much alike

C: Yes indeed. Well I will be editing this interview beginning tomorrow but while I do so feel free to pm me any more questions you can come up with and the link to your page and blog website too when it is completed so I can add them as sources for the interview.

A.S. : This is Nubara's Group Page. This is the Author Fanpage which I talk about all my books coming out on. The EBook Edition.


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