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Mary Shelly's beloved Frankenstein is once again re-imagined in another twist on the classic story. Victor Frankenstein will be the newest cinematic take on the horror novel that pioneered other classic monster stories. This time around we have a more comedic take on the story, along with all the crazy science and tomfoolery added in for good measure. The trailer for the film is already online if you need an idea of what kind of movie this is going to be, and you might be a bit surprised after viewing it.

Here's the plot synopsis:

Told from Igor's perspective, it shows the troubled young assistant's dark origins and his redemptive friendship with the young medical student Victor Frankenstein. Through Igor's eyes, the audience witnesses the emergence of Frankenstein as the man from the legend we know today. Eventually, their experiments get them into trouble with the authorities, and Dr. Frankenstein and Igor become fugitives as they complete their goals to use science to create life from death.

The character dynamics of this movie have shifted in the most unexpected way possible since the characters of Igor and Victor Frankenstein are practically polar opposites from the way they are presented in the trailer. Igor, the student of Victor, appears to be the more sensible and logical of the two and is seen trying to be the voice of reason who keeps Victor's spontaneous and eccentric personality in check. Victor, the mentor and teacher of Igor, appears to be a bit unbalanced and crazy, which in turn adds to his care-free outlook. The movie itself could be interesting, but there are reasons to be concerned with it's tone and direction.

Victor Frankenstein might find someway to come out and own the box-office, but there are factors to consider that could hurt the film which mainly concerns how it will handle the Pseudo-science and deeper themes. The film could do a good $20 million opening weekend or better if people are in the mood for a breezy horror movie with comedic-overtones. The leads of this movie however do inspire confidence since both of them have a dedicated and loyal fanbase willing to turn out for their films, as well as follow their list of future and upcoming projects. All in all, there are reasons to go see this and maybe some reasons no to, but if you're a fan of the actors, director, or material it's based on then it might be worth your time.


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