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Bruce Timm was a very huge part of my childhood. On top of being the driving force behind shows that would go on to spark my interest in all things comic book and superhero (including Batman: The Animated Series, Superman: The Animated Series, Justice League, JLU, Batman Beyond, etc.), his partnership with Paul Dini would go on to bring forth award-winning stories like Mad Love and Two of a Kind. He would also usher forth a golden age of animation for DC and Warner Bros. that would prove hard to replicate after most of these shows slowly got phased out.

Indeed, DC's animation doesn't quite have the same spark that it once did now that Bruce Timm isn't in the picture as much. Their move from Timm's more pin-up like style to some of the more edgy stuff they've been doing lately has been met with extremely mixed reactions.

Still, the legendary artist has managed to keep busy and stay active, resurfacing every now and then with amazing ass art.

In fact, some months ago, Timm once again garnered a bunch of buzz by rolling out a very large collection of Marvel heroes he had drawn with his signature style. I personally loved the shit out of it and wouldn't have minded him jumping on some comic runs to continue some of these drawings. Of course, I recognize that comic book companies can sometimes be weird about using talent that has worked for a “rival” comic book company, so I knew that such a partnership was not likely to happen.

There, there.
There, there.

That said, my minor sadness at this finally subsided somewhat this week when I stumbled upon a cool Tumblr page that had collected a lot of Bruce Timm's wonderful art. Some new and some old.

And because his art deserves to be shared with the world, here were some of the best pieces I stumbled upon:

1. Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy

This post wouldn't be complete without some Harley Quinn art, seeing as she is arguably Timm's (and Paul Dini's ) best and most popular creation. Besides that, I thought it wouldn't be fair to leave out her bae Poison Ivy.

2. The Monsters of Universal

Creepy #15 (2009) frontispiece by Bruce Timm
Creepy #15 (2009) frontispiece by Bruce Timm

If Universal doesn't take any inspiration from Timm for their "shared movie universe," I'ma be a little shocked.

3. Zatanna

Zatanna was always a fave of mine and this was one of my favorite renditions of her.

4. Spider-Gwen


6. Storm

Mmmmmoh my God. This somehow got better. Storm is already bad-ass looking by default and virtue of being a f*cking weather goddess, but this just makes her more awesome.

7. The Original Squad of Star Wars

If you're looking for something to tide you over 'til Star Wars VII comes out, this might very well be it.

8. Star-Fire

Star-Fire is a treasure, so I love this.

9. Luke Cage

While Luke Cage has obviously been updated from this very '70s look, you gotta admit this is cool as hell.

10. Nick Fury

I would comment about Old School Nick Fury, but I really just want to know how he's managing to smoke underwater??? In his helmet???? What???

11. Elektra


12. Batgirl

Another Bruce Timm classic, there was no way I was gonna leave Babs off the list.

13. Bride of Frankenstein

That hair! So cool!

14. Old School Ms. Marvel

to when Old School Ms. Marvel looked like this.

15. She-Hulk

So I'm definitely putting She-Hulk on the list with Elektra because this is dope.

16. Black Canary

I liked the update Black Canary got in Arrow, but this -- the tights especially -- will always be a classic Black Canary look.

17. Daredevil

Daredevil looks like he's up to no good here and that's how it's supposed to be, to be quite honest.

18. Hawkgirl

I thought it appropriate to include some Hawkgirl art here, especially as she is my fave.

19. Black Widow

Black Widow looks like she's ready to kick some major ass and I am 100% here for it.

20. Wonder Woman

I love seeing Wonder Woman in action, so I thought this was just so dope.

21. Lady Sif


22. Intense Superman

Either Supes is contemplating the pizza rolls he left in the oven at home or he just really has to fart. I'm not sure which one.

23. Mystique

I would have been interested in seeing this in color (as to see Mystique's blue skin), but this is cool nonetheless.

24. The Mask

This captured the essence of that wacky movie. Bravo Tim. Bravo.

25. The Batmobile

I've always been obsessed with the Batmobile (so much so that I was *thisclose* to weeping when I found out that it would be more prominent in Arkham Knight), so I love this.

26. Padmé Amidala

Now this is a f*cking look! Go, Padmé, Go!

27. The Preacher

I'd kill for a Preacher animated series, but it's a bit violent so....

28. Spider-Man

Peter's lookin' real good with this Bruce Timm treatment!

29. Cloak and Dagger

I've always found this duo weird as sh*t and Bruce Timm captured that sentiment PERFECTLY here.

30. And finally, this collection of awesomeness that includes Buffy, Lara Croft, Spider-Man, Sailor Moon, and Spock


Annnnnd that's all folks. If you wanna check out more of Bruce's wonderful art, you can do so here! Heads up though, some of his pieces are slightly to not-so-slightly NSFW.


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