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The blockbuster "Brothers" Indian movie has been awaited by millions of Indian viewers and Indian movie fun across the globe. Thank to live streaming and Indian TV channels that are accessible across the world you can watch this masterpiece from any location. This Indian blockbuster exhibits a stunning resemblance to a Hollywood film released early in the year 2011. Some critics consider it a reproduction of the famous American film warrior. The star-studded movie has many high profile Indian actors taking part in its making.

The movie depicts everyday challenges faced by millions of Indian families and families from different nations with little income or a restricted access to health services. This is visible in the story line of the movie as will be seen below.

The storyline of the movie revolves around two brothers that in up in the finals of a mixed martial arts fight tournament that only ends with one winner. Before the final fight, the two brothers had to face other fighters from different regions, and they manage to become victorious until the finals stage. The main motivation for one of the brothers to take part in the fighting tournament is to gather funds for the treatment of his ill daughter that has a serious kidney disorder that requires immediate attention. The brother had a job as a teacher in a local school but had to quit getting more time to train properly for the tournaments. The main reason for quitting was the fact that the job was not paying him enough money to cover the medical fees.

Monty the second brother is introduced to an agent promoting fighting, and immediately he becomes interested in the tournament. He takes part in several fights and emerges victorious in a many of them making his way to the finals.

The above information gives you just enough details on the movie. However, you can get more through watching the film on Colors TV Channel in Australia and many other Indian TV channels in this region. If the channels are not available in your location, it is not a cause for panic as you can easily watch it online through live streaming on your phone, tablet, computer or internet TV in the comfort of your home, bed or sofa.

With all the viewing channels at your disposal, make a point to watch and enjoy the Bollywood movie that is guaranteed to leave you very entertained and possibly informed on some issues in the society.


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