ByKelly Moore, writer at

I was diagnosed with Hep c more than 10 years ago. My doctor told me the devastating news and just let me leave the office without a glimmer of hope, advice or further information about this potentially deadly virus. For years I felt I had "dirty blood" and left it at that, worried about infecting partners without having any power. But I was also blessed just a few years back through two circumstances. One was that I came across a knowledgeable and caring registered nurse on an unrelated issue and she recommended a program here in Canada ( the second blessing since the treatment was free) called PEGASUS. The anti-virus drugs started to work within 3 weeks out of a 6 month treatment and within 6 weeks I was Hep C free! I still carry the anit-bodies but cannot infect anyone and feel great. DO your research, find the best caregiver and live well! Congrats Pamela, we love you.


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