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*I wouldn't want to kill the episode for you. SPOILERS LIE AHEAD.*

So let's talk about last night's episode of Supergirl, 'Fight or Flight.' As the episode title suggests, our protagonist had a hurdle in the form of Reactron, a human with some nuclear tech who we're told Superman never managed to take out.

Now, I'll get into the specifics in a minute, but the important points here are: Superman couldn't kill Reactron, and Kara was forced to decided whether to fight Reactron or call for help.

As we know, Jimmy... damn, I mean "James," made the decision on Kara's behalf, for which he was thoroughly chastised; however, in the end Supergirl came out on top. We also learned that our Kara has a little crush on this suave rendition of J. Olsen, which was not unexpected, and seemed to fit naturally into the story.

Supergirl is actually getting pretty good!

As I was kind enough to mention above, Supergirl is getting good. I've written in the past about how I really wanted Supergirl to take off, but previous episodes have left me feeling a little underwhelmed. The show felt too rushed, and overly concerned with telling us how it was separate from Superman, without actually following through.

However, Supergirl has now slowed down to a comfortable pace and could be set to fly on its own. Much like Kara herself, the show needs a healthy separation from Clark Kent; it doesn't need Superman to make it a good television show!

So, what happened in this week's episode? Admittedly, there weren't as many easter eggs or DC references as in previous weeks, however the episode built on the foundations of the earlier episodes and it's pretty impressive!

Easter Eggs and References in 'Fight or Flight'

1. Millennial Falcon

Let's get the ball rolling with a bit of Star Wars. Did Supergirl really reference the Millennium Falcon?

"Millennial Falcon: Every generation gets the superhero they deserve."

For those of you who aren't aware, Calista Flockhart -- who plays Cat Grant in Supergirl -- is married to none other than Harrison Ford. This makes the character, having written an exposé in which she refers to Supergirl as a "Millennial Falcon," pretty entertaining.

It's a petite reference, but definitely a welcome one.

2. Maxwell Lord

In last night's episode we got our first appearance from Maxwell Lord, played by Peter Facinelli, who is sure to become a recurring character on the show. In the comic books, Lord has played a hero, a villain and everything in between; so the question is, which Lord will we see?

When questioned by ',' actor Peter Facinelli claimed his character will be very much in the grey area. He won't be an ally to Supergirl, but he isn't a villain either.

"He's not a Lex Luthor, selfishly trying to take over the world. In his righteous mind, he's doing good."

A highly intelligent businessman with grand plans to save humanity, Maxwell Lord has a grudge against those with superpowers, although he himself is actually depicted as a powerful telepath in the comic books. Lord has been known to harbor a particularly strong resentment of Superman, however he also rebuilt the Justice League, after U.N. approval of course.

So in summary, we can probably expect him to be a good guy who disapproves of Supergirl's actions. I'm pretty excited to see what the show makes of him!

Check out the interview with actor Peter Facinelli below.

2. Superman Catchphrases

Supergirl has proven in the past that they're fond of a Superman catch phrase, but this week we were treated to, "Guess it was a job for Supergirl," said by Superman himself... kinda. He wrote it in an online chat with Kara, which was both touching and pretty weird.

I guess in the modern world there's no need for superheroes to meet in a back alley, but I'm not sure I'm overly accepting of the Man of Steel using emoticons...

3. James Olsen's Magic Superman Dog Whistle

Although this might not be the traditional name for Jimmy Olsen's signal watch, it's definitely my preferred nickname.

We've seen the watch a few times in the past, and Olsen actor Mehcad Brooks made it pretty clear that the watch held significance in an interview with ''

"Yeah, it's a special watch. You know what kind of watch it is, right? Yeah, you do."

This is the first time Olsen has used the signal watch, and Kara seemed pretty pissed about it, so it's likely that Olsen won't be summoning "the big guy" much. But does that mean the watch simply serves as a wink to the fans?

Watch the interview with Mehcad Brooks below.

4. Lucy Lane

We've not seen much of Lois Lane's sister so far, but it seems like the character will have an interesting role in Supergirl. However, not due to her relationship with her sister, but due to her former and future(?) relationship with our own James Olsen.

Lucy, played by Jenna Dewan-Tatum, is likely to play a recurring character on the show. Perfect timing, considering Kara just accepted she has feelings for Olsen. It's a simple truth that you can't have a superhero television show without a little romantic turmoil. So... team Kara anyone?

5. Reactron

So, Reactron... not the most interesting of villains, but the big-bad of the episode served his purpose of proving Supergirl doesn't need her famous cousin to bail her out.

Thus far, Supergirl has adhered rather loosely to the comic book source material and Reactron is no exception. In the comic books he's written as an erratic war criminal with personality issues, who can also harness nuclear energy and frequently falls in with the wrong crowd.

Interestingly, Reactron is listed as a Supergirl antagonist, yet the show referred to him as a nemesis of Superman. I know, this seems a little too fastidious, however it reveals that the show is consistently drawing links to Superman, whether necessary or not.

Still, the character served his purpose. Supergirl did what Superman never could and put Reactron down. Yes, she seemed to have an easy enough job of it, but the villain didn't seem cheesy or dull, so we'll call this a win for Supergirl.


What do you think of Supergirl so far?

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