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We can only add to the list of ways we love Ruby Rose. Her perpetual attractiveness, open accord with gender fluidity and her strong social media game shot her straight to the top of our girl crush lists.

Stop being so cool!
Stop being so cool!

She's an Australian multi-hyphenate with more jobs than an unemployment office. The model, DJ, recording artist, television presenter, MTV VJ and actress stole the hearts of millions in her role as Stella Carlin in Netflix' hugely successful Orange is the New Black in 2015 and we haven't been able to get enough of her since.

Ruby is renowned for being grounded and having a very down to earth personality (making her all the more loveable) and my heart filled with a little more love for her today when I watched a video she posted on Sunday with the caption "Playing lost shoe with the paparazzi.. New game.."

Celebrity encounters with paparazzi are commonly covered negatively, which really makes this just the most adorable thing ever.

The video shows Ruby picking up a photographers shoe and saying in a jovial manner:

"The paparazzi lost his shoe! He lost his shoe. I must be really scary."

And now that you've had your Ruby fix for the day, you'll be ready to face the world.

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