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When I first saw the following clip, it made me cringe to my very core. It's so awkward in fact that it could be the most cringeworthy moment of Drew Barrymore's long-standing Hollywood career.

The 40-year-old actress has been through a lot over the years (her crippling drug habit and neglectful parents being prime examples), yet the situation that unravelled when she appeared on Ellen alongside cooking legend Martha Stewart was an ordeal on another level.

As the duo took to the show's kitchen to prepare some finger food as part of Stewart's 85th book Appetizers, she was subject to some stellar ignoring from the culinary goddess. Let's see what happened in more detailed:

It all started as the trio talked about their books

Isn't it lovely that all three have released books? Martha loves Ellen's but very clearly didn't give a sh*t about Drew's.

As the ladies sip on their sangria, Drew might as well not be there

Hey Drew, are you still there? We can't see you!

"Have you ever made quesadillas?"

Drew enthusiastically puts up her hand, ever eager to please - "I have!" Sadly, nobody cares.

"I have..."

She repeats herself in case the Mother of all Culinary Creations hadn't heard. Anything? Nope.

"Have you peeled a pepper like this?

Oh look, Drew's also done that. Her cries yet again go unnoticed even though she shouts it loud and proud - "I've peeled some peppers!"

Yep, if I were you I'd just give up altogether and concentrate on sipping that drink, Drew...

Ultimate BURN.

Here's the video in full:



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