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When the Disney classic Tarzan was released in 1999, it had the honor of being Disney's most expensive animated feature to date, costing massive $130 million. But, despite all that money being poured into the film, BuzzFeed think they may have found one thing that Disney skimped on when creating the character of Tarzan: Facial hair.

Yep, it might sound odd, but BuzzFeed have really stumbled onto something with this one. I mean, Tarzan has a fabulous head of hair, but his face is suspiciously hairless:

It's not even like you can just say that folks don't have facial hair in Tarzan's universe, because they definitely do! Just check out Tarzan's dad's killer sideburns/mo combo:

Disney / Disney Screencaps
Disney / Disney Screencaps

So given the fact we know facial hair exists in Tarzan's world, and that thanks to genetics he should be able to grow a beard, why doesn't he have one in the film? Here are a few theories:

He was very bored and plucked it all out

While the movie shows life in the jungle as something quite exciting, surely there must have been a lot of downtime for Tarzan, so perhaps he just plucked out each hair to fill his days? Or maybe he even suffered from trichotillosis a.k.a. a hair pulling disorder and felt compelled to pull it all out (but leave the hair on his head untouched)?

He fashioned a razor from sharpened rocks

Tarzan is a pretty ingenious kind of guy (remember when he got the elephants to blow out all the termites for the Great Apes to eat at the start of the film?), well perhaps he put his smarts to good use by fashioning a short of homemade razor. We know that he made a spear, so maybe he used the sharp blade to give himself a close shave as well?

He learned to shave from items his parents left

We know that Kala found Tarzan in the ruined treehouse after Sabor killed his parents, and in the treehouse we saw various things that Tarzan's folks managed to salvage from their ship before it sank (or stuff that washed ashore). Is it possible that among those possessions was a knife or razor Tarzan used to shave? This theory gets even more likely when you learn that in the original Tarzan books by Edgar Rice Burroughs, Tarzan used a knife to shave after he found pictures in the books from his family's cabin that showed hairless "apes" (a.k.a. humans) like Tarzan.

Source: Buzzfeed via Hello Giggles, Disney Screencaps


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