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For everyone looking some comedic attraction, romantic adventures and the wild side of what a childhood and teen years are supposed to be like, then give this movie a watch.

To be honest, i watched this movie because, as many, i wanted to see how Cara Delevingne managed to cope with the big screen (I know this isn't her first movie). It wasn't too bad. Though as with anything. Just some more experience and she'll be putting out some amazing performances.

Along with the costars Nat Wolff, Austin Abrams (bright future ahead), Halston Sage and Justice Smith, they managed to come together and portray a perfect story that many of us dream of.

This movie did something to me. Changed my day. Made me feel like i need an adventure. Made me wish that my childhood played out the same way. The fact that this movie doesn't end the way the usual romances end, it makes it more appealing to watch it again.

I always rate a movie on weather i get distracted or not. This movie kept me the entire way!

Really worth the watch.

(my first review so don't be to harsh :-))


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