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Rob Harris

November 10th has finally arrived and it's safe to say that Fallout fever has swept across the post-apocalyptic world. With the dust now settling on Fallout 4's eagerly anticipated launch, fans have taken a break from exploring the game's New England wasteland to show just how much nerdy love they have for this outstanding series.

These are some of the most talented Fallout-inspired cosplayers I've ever seen. Scroll down and take a look...

Good Guy Power Armor - Studio Dohli

Enclave Soldier - Dominique de Leon Cosplay

Beatrix Russel and Enclave Soldier - Elena Samko and Ilya Solopov

Wasteland Warrior - aelirenn

Vault Dweller - Ninel Nuretdinova

Vault Buddies - Cody Jackson

Veteran Vault Dweller - valiantbastard

Overencumbered Wanderer - teamgwho

Cat-Meat - Catcosplay


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