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Day 10 of 22

Woooo! We're in the two digit days now! It'll be the 22nd in no time!


None today. Hopefully there will be some soon!

Picture of the Day

Here's another picture of the Outlands. The hyenas are gathered as Janja makes his plan to attack the animals of The Pride Lands. Again, it looks more The Elephant Graveyard than The Outlands.

Things to Ponder

"What about the third born cub?"

We know the first born is meant to take the throne, and the second born becomes Lion Guard, but what about the third born?

For the purposes of this example, lets pretend Kopa is Simba and Nala's first born, and next in line to the throne.

Kiara would be the second born and lead The Lion Guard.

(She has proven she's pretty brave):

And the third born Kion would.....?

Well uh....he'd uh....

There are a few possibilities:

1. Nothing. No role,no Responsibility. They can just lead a normal cub life and play.

2. They join The Lion Guard as a member.

3. The third cub has a new role that helps maintain The Circle of Life

What I'm doing Today

Seeing a play of A Midsummer's Night Dream

Watching something with my friends


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