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As we draw closer to the first season finale of NBC's hit TV show Blindspot, fans are predictably kept waiting with baited breath; so many questions left unanswered and so many cryptic clues still to solve! For those who have not watched Ep.8, be warned, there are spoilers ahead.


Episode 8, titled 'Persecute Envoys' is perhaps the most socially conscious episode to air yet, directly addressing two huge issues of current distress and attention.

Firstly, we're finally given more details behind 'Daylight,' the case file Mayfair has been so shady about during the past few episodes. Each of Jane Doe's tattoos seem to be pointing in the direction of state corruption, and with 'Daylight' now revealed as an illegal case of data collection by the authorities, this theory is further reinforced.

The second point focuses on police brutality and again, corruption. With the episode opening with the death of two cops, the case begins as a hunt for community members, thought to be avenging the death of an unarmed black youth shot by police. However, this soon becomes an intense investigation into the misappropriation of security devices, namely the body cameras used for police protection.

The tattooed tip-off:

Two police officers are found dead with the term 'Brooklyn Butchers' found written next to their bodies. They worked in the 65th Precinct - and, low and behold, Ms. Doe has the number 65, written in crosshairs, inside a butchers cleaver, tattooed on her body.

Jane soon works out that the crosshairs symbolize a camera, not a gun, which indicates that the tattooer knew not of the killings, rather intended to direct the FBI towards cases of police using body cameras for blackmail.

Blind Spots / Questions for the Finale:

1. Will Weller and Mayfair be able to repair their relationship?

Or has 'Daylight' ruined the trust for good?

2. Will Jane Doe's tattoo's lead them to 'Daylight'?

Or will Carter get to her first?

3. Will we find out what, or who, Orion is?

The word whispered by Beardy McDream Dude (name not mentioned, so this will do for now), before he died.

4. How far will Carter push Zapata before she cracks?

Or will she confess her betrayal before its too late?

5. Is Jane Doe really Taylor Shaw and, if so, where the hell has she been for 25 years?

And will Weller ever forgive his father for her disappearance?

We demand answers!

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