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Now, say what you like about the Star Wars prequels. No, really, do. After all, if there's one element of geekdom that pretty much everyone has an opinion on (barring the age old 'who'd win in a fight between Batman and Superman' debate, and the eternal conflict of Wars vs. Trek), it's the question of whether or not the Star Wars prequels suck.

In large part, the answer to that question tends to ride generational waves, with the majority of fans who grew up with the original trilogy tending to hate the newer films, and the majority of more recent fans (say, those born after or around 1992 or so) tending to be a whole lot fonder of them. Which, seeing as they're both completely legitimate opinions – which, as a rule, we have very little control over – is completely fine.

I, for instance, still like the Ewoks.
I, for instance, still like the Ewoks.

For some die-hard partisans, though, even the slightest hint of prequel acceptance is an abhorrent moral failure, deserving of scorn and derision, and, more often than not, some light screaming.

One such fan, as it turns out, is Simon Pegg. Y'see, during a recent interview with The New York Daily News, it was revealed that...

Simon Pegg Doesn't Have Any Respect for You If You Like the Prequels

Indeed, in his words:

"I don't really have any respect for anyone who thinks those films are good. They’re not... (They’re) a monumental misunderstanding of what the (original) three films are about... It's an exercise in utter infanticide...(like) George Lucas killing his kid."

Which is...pretty emphatic, un-retractable stuff (and might suggest that it's worth keeping quiet about any hidden love for Jar Jar if you ever meet Pegg).

It's also, though, not exactly surprising coming from a man whose classic British sitcom Spaced featured this rant about Episode I, and the fans who loved it:

Which, whatever you think of the prequels, and of Pegg's determined hatred of them, at least makes him consistent.

In happier news, it seems that Episode VII – in which Pegg has a small role, and on which he acted as a story consultant – is looking a whole lot more promising from Pegg's perspective:

"To knock out ideas with (director) J.J. (Abrams), and every single day, whether you were on the set of something you recognized or a set that was brand new, it just felt like 'Star Wars' in a way that I hadn't felt in 32 years...It was genuinely magical.”

Which is a) great to hear, and b) means that if you don't absolutely love The Force Awakens, you can officially blame Pegg.

Or, y'know, just watch it again on repeat until you do love it (which is absolutely my emergency back-up plan).

What do you reckon, though?

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