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(Warning – the following may contain mild SPOILERS for Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. As Taylor Swift so sagely advised Yoda that one time: "Say I didn't say I didn't warn you, do not...")

Now, with the sheer number of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens rumors, murmurings and general plot-related noise doing the rounds at the moment, there is, at this point, very little that hasn't been speculated to happen in the movie. Pretty much every character going has been deemed likely to die, turn to the Dark side, be a secret Skywalker, or have some surprising links to the now defunct Expanded Universe. Which, in turn, makes it all the more surprising to watch a video that suggests that...

John 'Finn' Boyega Just Turned to the Dark Side

Good day to dress up as kylo ren and play around haha! Add me on snapchat: Jboyega

A video posted by @john_boyega on

Now, thankfully, Boyega hasn't actually taken to murdering junior Jedi or cutting off Mark Hamill's hands, but has instead – as the above video suggests – acquired a rather nifty looking Kylo Ren mask, and the inclination to goof around while wearing it.

Which, as much as anything else, suggests that he is awesome.

It also, though, might be a whole lot more. Y'see, Boyega sure does seem to know his way around a lightsaber in that video, and...

Boyega Having Substantial Lightsaber Skills Might Just Tell Us Something Crucial About Episode VII

Specifically, it might just suggest that the lightsaber fight we caught a glimpse of in the most recent full Episode VII trailer...

...might not be, as has been heavily rumored, a desperate and untrained Finn fighting using a lightsaber despite a lack of Force proficiency.

Y'see, up until now, many had speculated that, while Daisy Ridley's Rey would indeed be a Jedi, Boyega's Finn would, by contrast, be more of a Han Solo-esque figure, allowing us to experience the Force through the eyes of a hero who can't intuitively understand it. Which, seeing as at the film's start he's set to be a lowly Stormtrooper, would make a fair bit of sense.

Instead, then...

Finn Might Well Be a Jedi After All

The logic being that Boyega has, it seems, been trained to use that lightsaber. He is, after all, rocking a whole lot of twists, turns, and parries that you'd typically imagine only a Jedi would try to pull off...

Good day to dress up as kylo ren and play around haha! Add me on snapchat: Jboyega

A video posted by @john_boyega on

...which, in turn, would seem to suggest that he was trained in the use of such moves during the course of filming Episode VII.

Could Finn, then, be set to be a whole lot more than we thought? Or, alternatively, is Boyega just a gloriously massive geek who learned how to do all of those moves on his own time?

Either way, I'm pretty sure it officially makes the video even more awesome.

What do you think, though?

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