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At this point, some of the Glenn fan theories have gotten quite ridiculous, and while it's obviously good to stay engaged with the show and try to sort things out, not all of these things can be correct.

Producer Greg Nicotero recently sat down with The Hollywood Reporter and gave some insight into a few – debunking some of these crazy theories in the process.

Firstly, Nicholas did NOT run out of bullets

Here's what he had to say to THR.

"I've read a lot of the theories and they're hilarious — but Nicholas (Michael Traynor) running out of bullets is incorrect. They were claiming that they could hear an audible 'click.' But there was a beat that I don't think ended up in the episode, [and was taken out] strictly for time where Glenn says to Nicholas, 'You need to preserve your ammunition and count your bullets.' As the walkers were coming forward and Nicholas was shooting, he was counting his bullets and he counted down to one."

Care to give any insights into the dumpster scene, Mr. Nicotero?

The answer: not really. Here's what he had to say about Glenn's semi-alleged death. He doesn't give a very clear answer and there's still a lot open for speculation. However, he does let it be known that they'll revisit the scene at some point (hopefully) soon.

"It's probably not the last time we'll visit that dumpster scene. Just like any show — you watch Game of Thrones and the audience sees a character die and they go through all these different emotions and feelings and how they process and accept it. Our show is no different. That story is definitely not over."

Interesting. I can't wait to see what they do. I still think Glenn is dead and I hope for the sake of the show's credibility they don't just cheaply keep him alive. But maybe that's just me.

Anyway, here's a sneak peek into Episode 6...

(Via: Complex UK)


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