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With all of the glitz, glamour, paparazzi, and fame surrounding celebrities, sometimes it's hard for us regular folk to imagine them as actual people. But it's important to remember that becoming famous doesn't change truly kind-hearted people. Whether it's as simple as signing an autograph to actually sitting down for a meal with a fan, some celebrities take their fame and use it as means to make the world a better place.

The following are well-documented stories about the celebrities, or first person stories from the lovely people of Reddit. This list is in no way exhaustive, but just a few accounts of encounters and good deeds from the rich and famous:

1. Keanu Reeves

Masatoshi Okauchi / Rex / REX USA
Masatoshi Okauchi / Rex / REX USA

Good guy Keanu Reeves is known for a number of good deeds. The stories range from gifting a portion of his paychecks to the SFX team behind the Matrix movies, taking massive pay cuts to ensure movies like Devil's Advocate and The Replacements could afford the salaries of Al Pacino and Gene Hackman, starting a cancer foundation after his sister was diagnosed with Leukemia, or simply giving up his seat on the subway. With the so many stories about the Keanu Reeves swirling around the Internet, it sounds as if he's just a hugely generous person.

2. Jennifer Aniston


Before my parents got divorced, they used to have my brother and I act. They would take us to auditions and we tried to get any part in anything. Well my brother got a little tiny part in Bruce Almighty. We got to go on set and kind of wander about and it was pretty fun. My brother was little and wanted to meet Jennifer Aniston, so he asked around and finally got a hold of her. We had lunch with her on set and she was such an amazing, down to earth person. She didn't act like she was a big shot, she wasn't stuck up, and needless to say it was the coolest lunch ever. After we finished we all got up, thanked her and my brother wanted a picture, so right as my brother and Jennifer we're about to get their picture taken, Jim Carrey walks by. Jennifer was like hey Jim, get your ass over here! It was funny. Jim Carrey was definitely a strange guy, he wasn't really an asshole but he was all that polite either. It seemed like he had something on his mind, but hey he stopped, posed for the picture, and said hey to us, so he can't be all that bad.

3. Robin Williams


I guess every year he does this event at SF Zoo where someone can buy, in an auction, a slumber party at SF Zoo and then get to have dinner with and a story read by Robin Williams. My dad's best friend had a bidding war with another lady, but was ultimately outbid. When RW heard about it, he agreed to do two nights, one for the lady and one for my dad's friend.

I can never thank RW enough for doing that. It had been about a month after my father passed away, and needless to say my family was devastated. We almost couldn't handle going. But I'm glad we did; he was such an amazing person that for one night my family was happy. He laughed when I called him Mr. Williams, and read us "The Emperor's New Clothes". He was so nice and I'll always be grateful to him.

4. Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp is famous for bringing his Captain Jack Sparrow costume with him everywhere he goes. From popping into children's hospitals to spend time with his fans to making surprise visits to Disneyland and signing autographs, Depp happily puts on his costume and iconic Jack Sparrow voice if it means pleasing his fans.

5. Dave Chappelle


Dave Chappelle has a history of running very long comedy shows. My buddy and I saw one of his shows a while back. It ran very very late, until almost 4am (on a weekday), by the end, almost the entire crowd had trickled out- to get up early for work the next day and what not. Only about a dozen of us remained at the show by this point. Dave invited us to all play basketball with him the next afternoon. He had rented out an entire gym for an hour. Of course my buddy and I took him up on the offer. We played pick up hoops with Dave Chappelle for over an hour. After everyone finished playing, a handful of us stuck around and shot the shit with Dave. He bought us all fruit smoothies and gave us free tickets to his show the next night. SUPER nice guy, just like he is on TV. Couldn't have been any cooler

6. Adam Sandler

Along with being known for actually wearing a shirt gifted to him by a young fan, there are tons of stories of people meeting Adam Sandler. Here's just one of the stories.


I'd really like to post about Adam Sandler. I'm not (nor ever was) a fan of his movies, but I worked at a large Manhattan restaurant which he frequented often - this was several years ago.
He was always accompanied by an entourage of his friends - never really celebrities, I got the impression they were childhood, high school, etc friends.
In any event, they would order nearly everything on the menu. I'm talking, literally, hundreds of dishes and proceed to gorge themselves silly. All the while, Adam would barely eat as many, many people would approach and ask him for a photo, a handshake, or a joke.
He obliged everyone. He was patient, kind and compassionate to every person that came up to him. He never ate, he just took his crew to town and held court, kindly and humbly, making sure to thank everyone who approached him for taking the time to say hi, congratulate him on a movie, or what not.
This particular restaurant was frequented, at the time, by celebrities quite often and they varied in their appreciation of the public. Adam Sandler was in a class of his own. I have always maintained that he is the nicest guy in the business out there as he proved it again and again.

7. Alison Brie

In addition to the story from Redditor Tophloaf, she's also been known to stay late at panels to sign as many autographs as she can and interact with fans. She even gifted a peck on the lips to the birthday boy in the video below.

Ran into her and a few friends at a really tiny winery in Sonoma. Super cool, took some pictures with us and had us take some goofy pictures with her and her friends. She was awesome and kept saying how nice we were for telling her we loved her!

8. Rick Moranis

In the late '80s and early '90s, Rick Moranis was one of the most popular names in comedy. But after his wife passed passed away in 1997 Moranis shifted gears from acting to parenting, deciding to leave the industry to focus on raising his children. In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Moranis said he doesn't regret giving up the Hollywood life in the slightest.

I was working with really interesting people, wonderful people. I went from that to being at home with a couple of little kids, which is a very different lifestyle. But it was important to me. I have absolutely no regrets whatsoever. My life is wonderful.

9. Jack Black

Jessica Tezak / News Sentinel
Jessica Tezak / News Sentinel


Girlfriend and I were picking up my computer from the repair shop and stopped at a Chipotle in downtown Austin (S. Congress location to those that are interested). As we approached the door, like a blaze of glory from the darkened lands, Jack Black appeared and opened the door for a fellow patron. As we passed I made the comment, "you f'ing rock and roll at the guitar dude." He said "Right on," and we went to order food.

He was getting swamped in line, and not wanting to pester him for his stardom, my then-girlfriend and I went to sit at a table and finish our meal. I'm not 100% sure why, but after he received his burrito he came and sat at the table next to us. We talked for about forty-five minutes about a range of topics, from what it's like to be a celebrity, how he manages all the time away from his family, what most of the hotels are like, what the industry is like, his latest movie, and his past roles. I was sure to tell him Tropic Thunder was hilarious, as well as the scene from The Office where he played the guy-in-love-with-the-old-lady. We shared many laughs and a beer or two. I told him a few places he should get some breakfast taco's (Torchy's) and we said our goodbyes. He was going to do his nightly swim. The guy likes to keep healthy. Oh, and the girlfriend got the autograph.

TL;DR Jack Black sat with my then-girlfriend and I at Chipotle and we had a genuine conversation with one of the nicest people I had ever met.

10. Mila Kunis

In 2001, Sgt. Scott Moore of the United States Marine Corps asked Mila Kunis to their annual ball, and she actually said yes! She's also known for being incredible laid back and down-to-earth with her fans. Including Chris Stark who might have had one of the best and most candid one-on-one interviews with the actress ever.

11. John Cena

Known for being extremely dedicated to inspiring his young fans, John Cena recently reached a milestone that no other celebrity has achieved: granting over 500 wishes to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Cena teaches his youngest fans to never give up and tries to give them a great experience as they fight for their lives. The Make-A-Wish Foundation CEO, David Williams, spoke on Cena's character in an interview with the Associated Press, saying:

He's an entertainer, but he's a fighter. Ultimately, these kids are fighting, just fighting a different kind of battle. That's what resonates so much with these kids.

Have you ever had an awesome celebrity encounter? If so, tell us about it in the comments section!


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