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Jack Foster

Here it is, folks, the trailer worth waiting for a lifetime as Ellen Degeneres cracks jokes about it all the way until it actually exists, which it does now so stop laughing and start smiling.

What I loved best about this trailer is that it tries to lea beyond the already too familiar climax in Finding Nemo. I completely lost it when Nemo arrived to sleep-swimming after Dory remembered something about her family, more particularly her Mom. Wait a minute, how does she remember? Is it because she gets things better when Marvin's around her? Well if she leaves without him, odds are that she may forget things once again and they might not be able to find her, or they just might for the sake of the movie. Alright, obvious nitpicking aside, this trailer hints out arguably some unexpected twists and twists worth speculating and getting excited about.

A few things that I'd expect to happen...

1. Remember those friends that ditched the aquarium, what could possibly have happened after they'd found themselves in a loop?

2. Sea turtles, regardless of young and old are so kickass, they need their screen time in this sequel!

3. It's never too late for a joke, not to forget this movie stars freaking Ellen Degeneres!

Let me know what you think of it in the comments below!


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