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It's not often that Hollywood greenlights a black film to make it on to the big screen. Even when black films are made independently, they tend to come far and few in-between. So, when a film with a primarily African-American cast comes along that steals our hearts, one movie with our beloved characters simply isn't enough. Here are 5 classic black films that need a sequel now!

Soul Food (1997)

This film did get turned into a show on Showtime, but without the original cast, it didn't feel the same. Soul Food is a classic black film about African-American traditions centered around the dinner table.The movie goes far beyond that however into other serious topic such as the struggles of sisterhood and infidelity. It had a A-list cast of actors including Vanessa Williams, Vivica A. Fox and Nia Long. This film is almost 20 years-old, yet it still hits its mark about the good and bad times of family life.

The Best Man (1999)

OK, this is cheating a little bit because this film actually did get a sequel,but it really needs a third film to round out the story. The Best Man was an excellent film about black friendships and hidden secrets. It had everything you could want in a story about friends. Fans of this film had to wait 14 years for a sequel titled, The Best Man Holiday. The sequel was excellent, but something feels incomplete about leaving this great saga of friendship at just 2 films.

Tales From The Hood (1995)

I recently wrote an entire article on why this film needs a sequel. It was the first (and now the only) black horror anthology for audiences to scream with. This anthology wasn't just scary with with sparks of humor in it, it also blazes with political satire. From a story about a racist political candidate to a story about police brutality, the tales told in this 1995 couldn't be any more relevant today if they tried. So, imagine the horror they could bring to the screen in 2015 when things haven't changed nearly enough. With every other horror franchise constantly getting a sequel, why can Tales From The Hood get one?

The Five Heartbeats (1991)

This film was actually made the year I was born and was a big part of my childhood. The Five Heartbeats follows a 5 man, Motown, like Do-Wop group through their trials and tribulations. The music in this film is so amazing that many viewers (including me) thought The Five Heartbeats were a real group! The director, Robert Townsend, has spoke about making a sequel. Sadly, fans of the 90's film haven't heard much about the coming sequel. We can only hope a hot musical sequel is on its way soon as we've been dying to know what those five heartbeats have been up to the last 24 years.


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