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I'm completely addicted to Funko Pop! Vinyl figures. I've been collecting since 2012 and own over 300 and counting! (Oh, I also have a wife
Matthew Coker

The Review:

This is this first "female body" Pop I ever purchased, and I love it. The darker, muted colors of the New 52 version of Wonder Woman's costume is perfectly represented here.

I mean, sure, the bright red, white, and blue with the gold focal points are classic, but this new color scheme is simply kick-awesome.

Even her Lasso of Truth has taken on a darker gold. The only thing about this pop that doesn't work as well is the hair. The hair looks awfully "Fifties", which is fine for the regular Pop, but for this New 52 version, it seems dated. And that is the main issue with some variants - no new molds.

But seriously, other than that, everything is spot on. The suit, the arm bands, the lasso, the boots, everything is just perfect.

The stars on the butt looks a little humorous, but still.

Rating: 8/10

Pros: Color scheme is spot on. Costume is spot on.

Cons: Hair from the 50's. Big stars on the fanny make the fanny look funny.

Estimated Value: $13.00 (According to the Pop Price Guide)


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