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For the longest, fans of The Walking Dead comics have hoped and wished for the arrival of this character Negan, and now it seems to be all but official that he is, indeed, well on his way! And personally, I am not without my feelings about this announcement.

Okay, folks, full disclosure: I've only ever watched The Walking Dead on TV. I have yet to read through the well-acclaimed comic series on which the TV show is based. Still, I've done a bit of reading here and there, and listened to the spoiler-free speculation on Chris Hardwick's talk show Talking Dead.

If I'm not mistaken, this man Negan is not some mere run-of-the-mill villain of the week. We've seen the menace of The Wolves, but Negan is foul-mouthed and ruthless to a whole new degree. If all goes according to plan, he will help bring about some rather gruesome new dynamics to the show. In particular, he has some rather deep lasting impacts on a few of the main characters...

"Now I want to touch it. Can I touch it?"
"Now I want to touch it. Can I touch it?"

Of course, the question remains as to how closely he will be played to the actual character within the comics (for one, I've read that he drops a lot of F-bombs, and I'm not sure even AMC is comfortable with that). Still, this sounds like an epic development in the course of a show that has already attained epic status.

Even for folks who have no knowledge of the comics, Negan is being portrayed by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who is well known in geekdom for such roles as John Winchester (Supernatural) and The Comedian (Watchmen). An actor with nerd cred, in a hugely notorious role, on a very highly acclaimed show? Yes, please!

That's just the opinion of one writer, though. What do you think about the confirmed arrival and casting of the infamous Negan?

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Negan is on the Way to AMC's 'The Walking Dead'! Excited?


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