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(Started 8/2/15) I just wanted to share my ideas and this is the best way to share my imagination :)
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Now I have heard a lot of speculation that in this poster we have many secrets such as:

  • The new death star
  • Rey on the border line of the light/dark
  • BB-8's bigger involvement
  • The new destroyers

One thing in the poster (in my knowledge) has only been acknowledged once which is the little alien behind R2-D2. This little alien has been acknowledged to be Teedo, the little scavenger that seems to capture BB-8 in one part of the film. This is probably due to the goggles and the sand type clothes. In my opinion this little alien isn't Teedo but in fact Maz Kanata.

Lego Maz Kanata
Lego Maz Kanata

This is a Lego version of Maz Kanata. We will probably be receiving this in early 2016 but enough about my Lego interests. This is my main source that pretty much proves to me that the poster includes Maz Kanata. The poster clearly shows this to be her:

The amazing new poster for Star Wars Episode VII
The amazing new poster for Star Wars Episode VII

Now behind R2 we have that little alien that I mentioned earlier. This one:

Maz Kanata (In my opinion)
Maz Kanata (In my opinion)

Now we can see the many similarities between this and the Lego figure (which I put on the post earlier). Many of you may think that I'm being ridiculous and the secrecy behind Maz Kanata is too big for a poster appearance but to be honest is the secrecy that big? If you think I'm crazy just hear me out because the similarities we see are:

  • The goggle type glasses
  • The bead necklace
  • The Batman type utility belt
  • The head shape and size
  • The Voldemort style nose
  • The jacket that cuts off at the shoulders

Now I am color blind but it is obvious that the colors are different on the clothes. This is no big take away to my theory due to the fact that Lego constantly get colors wrong on characters and the figure we have the picture for is perhaps even a prototype. We also have that concept art that perhaps wasn't the final image for the character also shows some similarities, mainly the head shape:

Concept art for Maz Kanata
Concept art for Maz Kanata

From everything I've found and from my own knowledge of Maz Kanata and her image, I can safely say that this character on the poster must be the little Jakku trader. Perhaps I have lost my mind but in reality we can really see many similarities that prove my theory.

I hope you found this interesting and that you do actually agree with me on this one. Thanks again for reading and have a lovely day.


Is this Maz Kanata?


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