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The long wait is finally over, Jeffrey Dean Morgan has been officially announced as the face of Negan on the AMC hit series The Walking Dead. His name was passed around a lot when the rumor of the casting for Negan was getting ready to take place, and here are just a few reasons why he is absolutely perfect for the role.


There is no denying that Morgan looks the part (about all he is missing is the dimple in the chin). Negan is a pretty handsome guy and Jeffrey Dean Morgan is certainly not shabby in the looks department. Morgan has the trademark squared features, charming smile and a jawline for days (much like the baddest villain to grace the pages of The Walking Dead).


Morgan's voice is one that could be easily picked out of a crowd. When he starred on Supernatural as John Winchester, Jensen Ackles (Dean) admitted to lowering the tone of his own voice to match the gravely sound of Morgan's. In he clip above, John (Morgan) is seen arguing with Sam (Jared Padalecki) and the one of his voice is perfect for a villain.

Negan has some pretty unique lines in the comic series and Morgan's voice is perfect for delivering those lines. He just sounds like the perfect villain; combine that with how closely he resembles Negan and we have a winner.

Acting Range

Morgan has played a wide array of characters across many different genres. Whether he is saving people and hunting things as John Winchester on Supernatural, playing the brutal vigilante The Comedian in Watchmen or making the ladies swoon in films like The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe or on shows like Grey's Anatomy, he is without question he is a stellar actor.

There are few actors in Hollywood today with the acting range of Jeffrey Dean Morgan. No matter what side he is on (the good or the bad) his performances are always memorable. I have no doubt that he will make a fantastic addition to the already great cast of The Walking Dead.

This is the most exciting casting news to come out of The Walking Dead camp in quite sometime. Who knows how long it will be before we actually get to see Negan, but I'm going to guess that it will be at the very end of season 6 and he will terrorize Rick's group throughout season 7.


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