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We've already seen the trailer and the two movie posters featuring Alice and Tarrant Hightopp, now it's time for some character posters! Characters both old and new are going to be seen in Alice's new adventures in Wonderland so let's see who looks the same, who looks different and who looks completely new!

Alice: The Champion of Wonderland

Certainly a departure from the classic blue dress, I like her newest outfit as it's tastefully wild. I sense Tarrant is the influence behind this outfit. She looks like she'd fit right in with Tarrant's fashion sense.

Mirana: The White Queen

Mirana's look hasn't changed that much except for her makeup, hair and crown. She's not quite as pale as we saw her in the 2010 film and her lips are no longer darkly colored. Her hair has some curl to it, but it's not as loose or full as it once was and it seems to have been shortened. Her crown has certainly changed the most from the white metal with blue stones to a golden crown. A rather new change, but one that works. Anne Hathaway as Mirana is as beautiful as ever.

Iracabeth: The Red Queen

Though her looks haven't changed in the poster, the Red Queen is seen sporting a new gown in the trailer that seems to have, dare I say, a more sinister vibe to it with what appears to be leather or some sort of hard material making up the dress at certain points, making me wonder if it's some sort of battle dress. Whatever it is, it can't be good.


A new character, Time appears to be the new villain as he's seen teaming up with the Red Queen. I quite like his look, especially the eyes. But he has a man bun under that hat! Ugh! No!

From what we can see, he controls time, but what his true purpose is and what he wants remains to be seen. I'm just really hoping he doesn't end up as another doomed love interest for the Red Queen, as we saw how well the last one went. You think a character like Time would be neutral in all of this or at the very least be more of an obstacle to the Red Queen, but sadly he isn't.

Speaking of, where's Stayne, The Knave Of Hearts? Last we saw of him, he and Red Queen were chained to be banished into the Outlands together, right after he tried to kill her. That must have been unpleasant. I haven't seen Stayne in the trailer, but I'm hoping he hasn't met an unfortunate end. I rather liked his character and I'd be sad to see him go.

Tarrant Hightopp: The Mad Hatter

Our favorite Hatter is back and as mad as ever. He's also seen sporting a new look in the trailer and he seems to have forgone the usual top hat for a new hat. I miss the top hat really. Whatever the Red Queen has planned seems to focus on him if the major hint in the trailer is something to go by. So what does the Red Queen have planned for our lovable Hatter? Nothing good if she's getting Time involved. We do see what Hatter looks like in the past and it seems we'll be journeying to the past at one point. All I can say is, I hope Alice saves him because it does not look good for him at all.


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