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Some actors are universally loved. Everybody loves Jennifer Lawrence, for instance, and I've not heard anybody say a bad word about Amy Schumer - but not everybody is so lucky.

Ever since she became an A-lister overnight thanks to the Twilight Saga, Kristen Stewart has been as love/hate as Nicolas Cage or a jar of marmite. There are those who say she can't act, there are those who say she's a terrible poet...

...and there are those who just straight-up think she's a horrible person, basically because she once dated Rob Pattinson and shattered the dreams of teenage girls all over the world.

But things are changing...

Hollywood is a fickle place. An actress who was in vogue one moment can be out of work for years the next. For some actors, the lack of major roles forthcoming after a major franchise might turn them off acting. K-Stew saw it as the perfect opportunity to prove to everybody who ever doubted her that, actually, she's a damn good actress.

First, there was her role in Camp X-Ray.

Camp X-Ray is basically the story of Amy, a new guard at Guantanamo Bay who befriends an inmate at the infamous prison and finds her beliefs challenged. You can't get much further away from Twilight than a story like this, and K-Stew absolutely kills it, banishing all memory of her role as a sparkly vampire-lover. The Hollywood Reporter described her performance as "completely transfixing".

Next, Stewart starred in Still Alice, a film about a woman aged fifty (Julianne Moore) who is diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. Stewart plays Moore's daughter.

The clip above is the film's heartbreaking final scene, in which Stewart's character reads a poem to her mother, who's brain function is so far reduced she's almost become a child. Even those who swore off K-Stew for life after Twilight would probably have to admit that she's doing brilliant work here, and if you don't mind being reduced to a teary wreck you should definitely watch the full movie.

France's favourite actress

But possibly the most important moment of Kristen's career to date came when she was awarded the prestigious Cesar award this year for her performance in Clouds of Sils Maria. If you didn't know, the Cesar Awards are France's version of the Oscars, and they don't give one to just anybody. Check out the trailer.

In Clouds, Stewart plays Valentine, the personal assistant of Maria, an insecure French actress. Maria seems to have some kind of romantic feeling for Valentine, and the weird dynamic between them becomes increasing tense and they spend a weekend in the snowy Swiss Alps.

And if you can't believe that K-Stew won the equivalent of an Oscar, well, neither can she - check out her reaction to the news on Conan's chat show.

The truth is, this probably won't be the last time you see Kristen Stewart up on that podium, because she's on a one-woman mission to prove everybody who ever doubted her wrong - even if that poem was pretty bad.

Have you seen the light yet, or were you always in Camp Kristen?


Where do you stand on K-Stew?


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