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(Warning - The images below do contain sensitive information that may send your nostalgia meter through the roof and over the moon. If any sort of rare spontaneous combustion occurs, it's not my fault. Read on...)

Holy smokes! It's here, it's here, it's finally here! Disney/Pixar have finally given Ellen Degeneres the go ahead to release the trailer for Finding Dory! I've watched the new trailer (only about a dozen times) and have taken the liberty of screencapping a few images I think are worthy of a breakdown.

But! Before I do any of that, the trailer for Finding Dory is right here! Right below this sentence!

Okay, so it's this sentence. I just wanted to be sure you were paying attention ;)

Behold! The First Trailer for Finding Dory!

Did it happen for you? My nostalgia is just all over the place right now. I'm going to be an absolute mess for the next ten to sixteen hours...

Let's look at some of the caps we got:

Dory Stayed With Nemo and Marlin <3

Awweee, she stayed with them after their first grand adventure. She's sleeping, (talking to herself again) dreaming about her family. Whilst next door...

Marlin and Nemo Sleep (sort of) Soundly

Nemo hears Dory mutter something in her sleep and goes out to find her like this:

She's Sleep Swimming...

Obviously, Dory's subconscious is trying very hard to tell her something or to get her to go somewhere.

She Remembered Something!

And the gang from the reef is all here. She reveals how she remembered something and how that's not supposed to happen for her. And she does it all in perfectly noncohesive mumbling.

Dory Has To Find Her Family.

We all knew from the get-go this story was going to focus on Dory and her search for her long-lost family. And as I expect, this will take some time and it looks like both Marlin and Nemo will be along for the journey.

I wouldn't want it any other way.

Finding Dory hits theaters on June 17, 2016.


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