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It's one of the hardest moments every fan has to face someday, and this time around, it's Hunger Games fans who will soon be feeling the pain. While [The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2](tag:449866) is sure to be a heart-stopping conclusion with enough action and emotion to keep us satisfied for weeks, eventually the realization will set in.

The Hunger Games franchise is over. And nothing can ever bring it back.

To cut this pain off before it even sets in, I've compiled a handy guide to coping with our Mockingjay flying away and never coming back.

Have a close friend restrain you


Once you recognize that Katniss Everdeen's story is over, there are gonna be tears and possibly some violent thrashing. This will prevent you from hurting yourself or others in a blackout rage brought on by extreme longing for another movie.

Start a love triangle of your very own

This will distract you from the fact that the dysfunctional romance you've been tracking for years is now officially over and done. Yours will be a little less exciting without all the imminent death, but at least you'll have four lips to keep you occupied.

Find comfort in food

Just because the Districts of Panem are starving does not mean you should feel bad about eating your feelings. Make a lamb stew. Have some basil-wrapped goat cheese. Hell, kill a squirrel with a bow and arrow. You'll feel that District 12 resourcefulness and be fuller in no time.

Put on your comfiest clothes and don't change for anyone

If Woody Harrelson can show up to a Mockingjay photocall in his pajamas (and no shoes!), then you should have no qualms about throwing on those old leggings and that oversized sweatshirt with holes. We won't be seeing more Effie Trinket, so why even bother with sartorial pursuits.

Force yourself to socialize

Head out with your friends who have no idea what you're going through. They may be jolly in their ignorance, but they'll show you a world outside the fandom. Sure, it won't exactly compare, but this is what Katniss and Peeta would want!

Block out all the haters

I'm sure there will be a handful of contrarians who will have no sympathy for this punishing time. You'll hear things like, "They're just movies!" or, "How can you be so emotionally invested in fictional characters." These people may as well be President Snow because they're cold as ice. Best to just ignore.

Become a rock

It's the ultimate tribute to Peeta. For bonus points, surround yourself with burnt bread and maybe, just maybe, you'll feel like you can handle saying this final goodbye.

And when all else fails...

Just lean into that misery and let it out.


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