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Rosario Dawson is no stranger to the wide and expansive world of video games, and die-hard fans of hers might remember her obsession with last year's Fallout release, and took home aGamer's Chouce award in 2006 for her vocal performance as Tina in Marc Ecko's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure. After trying Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo, Dawson was hooked, and had been following the game's trail ever since.

Dawson, who is currently best known for her recurring role as Claire Temple ("Night Nurse") in Marvel's Daredevil , Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, sat down to chat about the game, which she and several others spent a day in New York City hand-delivering to fans through Amazon Prime.

On Zombies

I’m excited about exploring Zombie mode with my brother when we get our copy. I’m obsessed with everything and anything zombies, and the commercials have been hilarious and it’s exactly how it is when we get together and play these games. You know, we yell at the screen, and it gets ugly! You get into and it’s just magic.

On Her Play Style

Usually I try to stay up really late in order to get better than everyone, which isn’t really an advantage because you get up, red-eyed and all that -- I’m one of those people who is playing and then suddenly it’s 3, 4, 5 in the morning.

On Back Ops 3's Emphasis On Women

Photo Credit: Michael Simon
Photo Credit: Michael Simon
I’ve been going to conventions for a long time, and there’s actually a lot of women that come together -- women from comics, women from media, women gamers -- and they’ve been having to fight for so long to be able to have more of a voice, to have more inclusiveness and to have more variety for women to explore -- characters that look like them, and elements that men have been able to enjoy for years.
With Black Ops 3 you have that, and that’s a major moment for Call of Duty and gaming in general. That was such a big discussion and to see the tide changing,

Dawson is a walking embodiment of everything that's great about being an obsessed fan, and it's always nice to see a celebrity as passionate about a game as many of it's fans are. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is out now.


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