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Sam Plank

While this probably is the final shot in the head of the much-hated theory ( that Dean and Sam's daddy is going to play God in this season of Supernatural, this is the awesome news that was able to finally distract me from drama! For about 20 seconds, anyway.

According to hollywoodreporter ( JDM is going to be Negan! I have to say; their choice of actors was quite a shock, especially with all the hooplah that surrounded Garret Dillahunt and his posting on his twitter accounts about The Walking Dead. He convinced the twitterverse he was going to be Negan, but it turns out that he was just lobbying for the role, according to this article:

But as great as Morgan was and still is on Supernatural, I'm sure he's going to nail the f-bombing baddy like nothing else.

That's really all I have to say about this, except to warn every fan of Supernatural and TWD that your twitter feed is about to blow up!


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