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I love all things zombie and having suspense drawn out to build up tension. I like out right jumps and i appreciate a good scare.
Caryn Elizabeth Baird

Many fans of movies and TV shows are writers for a website called Moviepilot. Moviepilot is an American entertainment website that was started in 2007 by Tobi Bauckhage, Ben Kubota and Jon Handschin.

Moviepilot averages 60 million views per month and 14 million unique views in the U.S (second to the legend that is IMDB). Moviepilot also has 14 channels on Facebook and has a combined total of 28 million likes on the social network platform. Moviepilot has a staff over 50+ worldwide and currently have offices in Venice, Los Angeles and Berlin.

Moviepilot allows fans of, primarily, movies and TV shows to write articles about subjects they enjoy. This allows the reader of articles, such as this post,manual,manual about the new Finding Dory movie to be released in 2016, to write their own views on the topic. For example, they may disagree that Finding Dory is going to be great and want to write an alternative view on the subject.

Or even this post,manual,manual asking about The Next Generation Of Heroes In Star Wars : The Force Awakens.

The open forum style that Moviepilot has allows creators (like myself) to write articles about the things that they are passionate about. It is a place to put your opinion across, like my article that covered the public hate for Darth Vader but why I thought Anakin Skywalker deserved our sympathy

Anybody can write an article about their chosen subject, whether you want to write about gender equality in Hollywood or something less serious like which Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Are You? There is always something to suit your mood.

There are already amazing creators on the site who are writing posts and doing quizzes for our entertainment, and this is why Moviepilot is great. It is written by fans - for the fans. Theories can be discussed, games are now being discussed more on the site , T.V shows like The Flash, Hannibal or The Walking Dead are all open for debate. The creators get other view points on situations and this enriches their experience of the Moviepilot Universe.

In short I, and many others, love writing for Moviepilot because it makes my opinion feel validated. I can write about things that I love and discuss them with like-minded (or not so like-minded) people. The community as a whole is very friendly and welcoming, whilst creativity is encouraged and we have the ability to come together when needed. For example, if a writer gets harsh criticism of their work, other writers will check to see if the criticism is valid or not. We can console each other when we need to and it is an almost family style community, where true friends are made.

With great projects like Moviepilot Perks, where creators can take part in unique adventures, or Moviepilot University, where creators are taken through a 6 week programme of writing technique, structuring articles and generally helping to improve the writing for the reader. Moviepilot is definitely a unique website that is leading the way in movie based websites. This is why we love writing for Moviepilot.

I for one would be lost without Moviepilot. It is a beacon of online awesomeness that allows my creativity to flow and makes me feel part of a community, part of a family - The Moviepilot Family!

What do you think? Do you enjoy writing for Moviepilot? Why do you love writing for them? Let me know below. Until next time folks, ciao!



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