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There are a lot of exciting movies and TV shows now that take place in one comic universe or another. There are many Marvel comics in film and TV now, and sometimes we have to wonder why did they choose someone over someone else? Agent Carter was one of the first head-scratchers; but a back story show about the woman who fought along side Captain America makes a lot of sense. We love the character, we love the dialog and the fact that she kicks ass in a time when women were not supposed to. In more ways than one she is a hero, incredibly brave and filled with ... fortitude.

Some wondered about an Ant-Man movie, almost doesn't make sense, out of the blue, we get a movie about someone that is rarely seen, almost never talked about and certainly doesn't hold a candle to Thor, Iron Man or Capt America. Once we see the movie, we understand that there are tie-ins and that he will play a part in the upcoming arc.

So, the big question is, if since there are hundreds of lesser characters to choose from - why Jessica Jones?

You gotta be an intense kind of comic aficionado to know who she is, and a special kind of nerd to know how she fits into the MCU. Most people have no clue who she is or why Jessica Jones deserves screen time.

I'm not going to bore you with billions of hours of reading but I would like to point out some very interesting connections. Honestly, much of this comes from Wikipedia's Jessica Jones page and is not in my head either - I had to research her, and of course this is from the comics and may not reflect the TV series' plot lines - but I found some pretty cool stuff.

Jessica Jones bridges a plethora of MCU stories and it's worth knowing how she connects - I think it builds some interest in her, and certainly makes me more interested in the new Marvel Jessica Jones show on Netlfix.

NAME: Jessica Campbell Jones Cage
Yes, as in Luke Cage - she marries frigging Luke Cage!


  • Was present when Peter Parker was bitten by radioactive spider
  • Her dad worked for Tony Stark
  • Got her powers from radioactive material during a collision with a military vehicle
  • Woke up to Galactus "first coming" from a coma after the car accident
  • Had a celebrity crush on Johnny Storm
  • Spiderman ultimately inspired her to use her powers for good
  • Intervened in a fight between Daredevil and Zebediah Killgrave (The Purple Man - David Tennant in the TV series)
  • She is mind controlled and sent to kill Daredevil - ends up at the Avengers Mansion - fights Scarlett Witch
  • Gets severely injured by Vision and Iron Man
  • Another coma - but under care of S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • Psychic therapy (for the mind control) from Jean Grey
  • As a detective gets setup with Scott Lang (Ant-Man)
  • Relationship with Luke Cage, has his baby, eventually marry
  • Employed at the Daily Bugle
  • Is involved in the events of Civil War (her and Cage resist the registration)

Powers and Abilities:

  • Super strength - throwing police cars and such
  • 'Somewhat resistant to harm' - doesn't know if she's bulletproof or not, but jokes about being shot saying it would only ruin her jacket.
  • Can fly but apparently not very well
  • Great investigator - both as a detective and reporter

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