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Alright... everybody remembers Lindsay Lohan. Most people remember the starlet for her tabloid melodrama and partying days. But back in the day, Lohan was a mega movie star. She headlined pop culture hits like Mean Girls, Parent Trap, Freaky Friday and Herbie Fully Loaded. At one point the actress was demanding $7 million per film! In recent years, however, the actress has been better known for her legal drama and not for her acting. But I am happy to share the news that Li Lo is back at work on a new movie!

Lohan took to her instagram to share the exciting news:

Much to my surprise, not much has been reported on the movie. Actually, I couldn't find anything at all, except for what she is posting on her instagram account. The only thing we know is the title, The Shadow Within. The actress captioned one of her recent posts with, " yes, I start filming this month."

Recently, Lohan has been keeping a pretty low profile whilst living in London. She completed her work in the UK play Speed the Plow last November and has been keeping out of trouble since.

It seems as if she is really turning things around. Personally, I can't wait to see her on the screen again! I think she has such a strong screen presence and is actually very talented. Perhaps this will be the project that turns everything around. We're rooting for you Li Lo! You're totally fetch.

Are you excited for Lindsay's return to the screen?


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