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So we live in a time where the superhero is number one at the box office. We also live in a time of super political correctness. And with that we have people screaming there isn’t enough equality in super hero movies. I agree. The issue is the movie companies want to fix the issue by race and sometimes gender swapping the characters. Really?

Look, I understand that superhero movies are big business now and the majority of people going to see them probably never picked up a comic in their life. I can live with that. What frustrates me is that there are plenty of African American and female super heroes that should just get their own films.

Let’s not forget what kicked off this explosion of superhero movies? A lot of people keep crediting X-Men and Spider-Man, but let’s not forget Blade. Two years before X-Men Marvel made their first big screen movie based on the day walker. An African American hero.

X-Men featured Storm an African American woman and one of the strongest female characters in the Marvel Universe. Accept she was folded into a 2 hour film with a huge cast of other characters and her character got lost behind a pair of adamantium claws. I’m not blaming Haley Barry I feel that was story and directing. And when the movies hit and Hugh Jackman as Wolverine was so popular we got the Wolverine trilogy featuring the X-Men.

Ok, so what’s my point here? We need to stop complaining about Johnny Storm being played by Michael B. Jordan, or they didn’t go with Donald Glover for the new Spider-man (he’s way too old for the role anyway). What we need to concentrate on why aren’t we utilizing more of the African American heroes that do exist? And give recognition to the ones that are being used.

Marvel is ahead of the curve here. Marvel started with Blade and so far we’ve gotten War Machine, Falcon, Deathlok (on Agents) and the Ultimate version of Nick Fury in the movies. We are about to get Black Panther and Luke Cage. Of course I understand the only one getting their own movie is Black Panther. It’s hardly a complete balance, but it’s far better than what DC is giving us.

I know they are just getting going, but instead of giving us John Stewart, Cyborg, Black Lightning, Static or even Steel they race changed Iris West and Dead Shot. DC really needs to get on the ball here.

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