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I know we are only a couple shows deep, but I cant help but notice all of the negative opinions about this show.

I see several people complaining about Supergirl being too cheesey and how the random glimpses of Superman showing up, but not showing him completely, is hurting the show. I disagree completely with both statements

First off, comics themselves are cheesey...its a character trait of comics, so I love it! Take almost any comic out matter how dark or serious it is, there is always that certain level of cheesey. Thats what makes them great and enjoyable. That is one thing I love the most about this show....shes just odd enough and cheesey enough, without annoying. Very true to comicbooks.

Supermans Shadow  found on google image search
Supermans Shadow found on google image search

Now, on to what i feel is the more important complaint and what i disagree with the most....Superman, or the lack there of in the show. The show has done a great job of showing him in the shadows and not upfront, because it is her show. Not Supermans. The little they have shown was necessary in order to build up her break away from his shadow. Everyone compares her to him and shes is trying to establish her own identity, out of his shadow.


I feel that the importance of these glimpses of him were apparent in the texting scene at the end of the last episode, When he said he talked to Jimmy and that he wont interfere again. That is HUGE in her breaking away on her own. Amazing job in my opinion...showing just enough to overshadow her in these first couple episodes, to build up her desire to be her own hero, and do it on her own.

That last message, I feel, may be the last we see of Superman in this show, or at least it should be. It was almost a passing of the torch and a show of his confidence in her to do it on her own. I hope the directors and writers can appreciate what they have done, but dont keep running with these glimpses, because that will hurt the show. It will never be a Supergirl show if he keeps showing up. So kudos to them for how they have established her as her own hero, and how she had to get out of his shadow. I really hope they continue with that and keep Superman out of it now.

I love this show and what they are doing and how they have done it. Keep up the good work! They are heading in the right direction, as long as they keep Superman out, it will continue to be great!

What are your thoughts?


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