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If you are a fan of CW's The Flash and Arrow, then you're going to freak out over the crossover episodes on Legends of Tomorrow, which will also become available on the CW.

The two-episode showing will feature characters that will eventually appear in more episodes of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, which is set for January of next year.

The episode is rumored to be a telling of Green Arrow, Flash, and allies fighting agains Vandal Savage, the immortal caveman who'll end up being the ultimate villain in Legends of Tomorrow.

Executive producer Marc Guggenheim shared this particular image on Twitter:

In case you didn't notice, as if you couldn't in such great costumes, I completely spotted Hawkman and Hawkgirl with my little hawk eye. Our guess is that this will be featured on an episode of Arrow. recently chatted with Arrow producer Wendy Mericle who divulged:

"We do talk about Legends as a Justice League of sorts. Sort of our version of it. It is, as you know from everything that's already been released, it's a group of superheroes, or 'Legends', so to speak, out there being heroes. It does have a different tone, though. One of the things that's really exciting about it having it come up in this universe, in this context, is how different it is from Flash and from Arrow. It has a very different feel, and the time travel element is completely new to both shows. It's really fun. It's turning out to be just really bad-ass."

So bring on Flash, Arrow, Hawkgirl and Hawkman, because we are ready to see some of our favorite superheroes in action, kicking ass and taking names!



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