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David Ayer may seem like a new name in Hollywood, but he is becoming more known as he sits in the captain's seat for the upcoming DC film Suicide Squad. But David has been lingering in the business for quite some time. Many don't know that Ayer has writing credits for hit films such as the first Fast and the Furious film and Training Day. Ayer is known for his harsh and realistic writing and directing which leads to films that may be a bit difficult for viewers to watch at times. But there have been certain events in David's life that may have influenced his hardcore directing style and intense storytelling, so here are some influential events in David Ayer's life that may have made him one of the most intense writer/directors of today.

Learning About Life Through The Hood

After being kicked out of his parents house as a teenager, David dropped out of high school and moved to South Central Los Angeles with his cousin which led him to learn about life through the hood. His neighborhood was the home of one of the main, go-to crack houses and he witnessed many of his peers die due to gang involvement and drugs. When he finally realized that he didn't want to end up in a coffin as well, he made a decision that completely turned his life around which brings us to our next topic.

Relating His Life To His Work: These struggles growing up in the hood were the main influence for Ayer's directorial debut film, Harsh Times. He even mortgaged his own house in order to get the film made.

Starting Over In The Military

After his struggles of growing up in the tough streets of South Central Los Angeles, David made a decision for himself that changed his life. He enlisted in the United States Navy as a submariner on a nuclear submarine.

Relating His Life To His Work: This early career choice was a big influence for Ayer to tackle his 2013 film Fury. David's harsh directing style led to quite a bit of method directing. Each day before filming, David had the cast spar with each other and often spar with him due to him believing that fighting creates a bond between people that you can't get any other way. He also told Fury actor Logan Lerman on his first day of shooting that he didn't feel Logan was right for the role and that it's still early enough to replace him and that he'll make his decision after he saw what he could do on the first day. He told him this in order to make Logan feel pressure and fear as if it was his first day of school which represents his character in the film in many ways.

Now Taking On A Completely New Monster

Now it's time for Ayer to tackle a project in the world of comic book movies, and what better project for him then Suicide Squad? With David's dark and gritty tone and style, I can't help but believe that he is going to inject the perfect antidote for the all-villain comic book movie, especially with the dark tone that DC is going for with their cinematic universe.

What do you guys think though? Do you believe that these events in Ayer's life have an influence on his brutal and realistic filmmaking? Do these stories make you more excited to see what he does with the villain-filled Suicide Squad movie?

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