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Quincy Jackson

In The Comic books, Hank Henshaw is a supervillain featured in the DC universe. He was originally featured an as an enemy of Superman. As the years have passed he has become one of the main enemies of the Green Lantern Corps. The Story with this guy was he was an astronaut at NASA. An experiment in space causes change in him and his crew. Henshaw's wife was among one them that was affected. His crew committed suicide after returning to Earth. He places blame on Superman who thrown the Eradicator into the sun in a battle during the space shuttle experiment.In an effort to save himself causes the radiation had destroyed most of his body. He uses NASA-tech send his consciousness into ship had carried Superman from Krypton. The Question is what role will he play in the Tv show. Some Believe the name the is there to fool the the audience and it is really Martian Manhunter. This is a possibility. Send you comments here.


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