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(Warning: The following article contains possible spoilers for 'The Walking Dead' if you are not caught up on the show. This article also contains graphic images. Read at your own risk.)

It has been over two weeks since the moment that left every The Walking Dead fan contemplating the question that has everybody stumped:

Is Glenn dead?

Who really knows. There has been evidence on both sides of the argument. But when it comes down to it, we won't completely know until The Walking Dead shows us that he is once and for all gone. They haven't done that yet, in fact, they haven't even addressed his possible death at all on the show. When and how will they show us if Glenn did indeed survive the walkers, or if he is one?

Actor Ross Marquand of The Walking Dead got a chance to brief on how the show will reveal the fate of Glenn:

"The answer is right around the corner... The showrunner and writers are not planning on keeping the audience in suspense the entire season."

The only thing that this piece of information gives us is that The Walking Dead will reveal the fate of Glenn soon. But that's all. No more information has slipped on the subject, which is actually quite surprising to be honest because of how massive Glenn's (possible) death is.

Ross Marguand also told that Aaron and Maggie are pretty optimistic on the subject:

"I think, truthfully, they're the type of people who are optimistic. They're very pragmatic, but they're also the type of people who say, 'Listen, let's not rule out hope until there is legitimate proof that someone is dead or something is over.'"

Should We Worry About The Fate Of Glenn?

They make a good point, we really shouldn't fret over Glenn's fate until we have legitimate and official proof that he is dead. But that being said, we will all still wonder what has happened to Glenn, and if he really is dead.


We now know that The Walking Dead will reveal if Glenn was indeed killed, or if he somehow managed to escape the oncoming hoard of living dead. How soon though? Hopefully won't have to wait for long.

Season 6 continues Sundays on AMC.


Is Glenn dead?


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