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Last week’s Arrow ‘Beyond Redemption’ featured a Constantine crossover that required an open mind for both, team Arrow, and its audience.

In a flashback that introduced Oliver to magic via a biochemically absent, light breeze; we were introduced to John Constantine, whose charm welcomed him comfortably to the Arrow-verse.

Having never watched Constantine; I’m not going to begin to understand Constantine’s magic, and hope I don’t miss any crucial giveaways to Oliver’s fate in the process.

Further questioning the mortality of Diggle’s brother; following my last review, it seems that last week’s episode of Arrow revived not only Sara; or her soul at least, but hints that Andrew Diggle may be alive, and a ‘Ghost’ in Darhk’s Hive. Upon discovering his role as a crime lord; like Oliver, was Andrew forced into Hive to ‘get through the darkness’? or does he need rescuing from it still? With such poignancy on his character, it seems likely that he is still alive. Upon discovering his name on the computer that Darhk has him tamper with, Lance nears danger when questioning Darhk about Andrew. Alongside Andrew, are Darhk’s ghosts the thought-to-be-dead militants that he had Lance erase from the computer’s database?

With Lance’s fate, still questionable, Constantine draws Laurel and Oliver into the otherworld to rescue Sara’s soul; who took a struggling, physical form in the Lazarus Pit. If Damien Darhk too; had a brush with death; which is only implied at this point, was his a soul lost? considering the powers granted to him, he may be the Lazarus pit incarnate.

Sara; before retrieving her soul tries to kill Thea. Thea; her bloodlust stemming from the inability to kill Ra’s makes me question what would happen if Sara was successful. Does this answer lie in the identity of Damien Darhk? whose combination of evil power and sanity is yet to be explained. With her exit to Legends of Tomorrow imminent, is Sara’s bloodlust calmed now that her soul is saved from the powers of the pit? Not worth questioning is Laurel’s role as the black canary. Whilst she may receive some mentorship from Sara, Sara is set to become the White Canary on another show.

With Sara saved, Ray Palmer takes center stage, after Felicity discovers he is still alive and in danger. With the aid of Curtis Holt; who is proving to have the athletic ability to go with his technical expertise, will Team Arrow gain a new member in order to save Ray?

Elsewhere, in the world of Oliver Queen; who is trying to have a life outside of Team Arrow, is a Mayoral campaign that seems to have gained some relevancy. When Thea hires Alex Davis to help him, he is set on revealing Oliver’s skeletons to avoid any sabotage to his campaign. Considering the hints left in the season’s opener, will this mean Oliver’s son will be revealed this season?

After saving Sara, Constantine warns Oliver about Damien Darhk; I am hopeful he will return to help after cementing a place in both Oliver’s past and present.

Whilst unlikely, as he urges Oliver to run and give up on any plans he had to settle down as mayor, can we consider the cancellation of Constantine to be finalised? Whilst fans petition for the show’s return, is Constantine set to be the one who Oliver mourns? Though considering his brief tie to the Arrow-verse, it would be a cop-out on the writers’ half; but better than the loss of Felicity or Lance.

In the flashbacks to Lian Yu, Constantine uses his relic to transfer a tattoo in he no longer needs to Oliver; leaving us wondering if it will aid him in battle, against Darhk in the present.

Considering the characters are meaningless; apparently meaning, mouse, ginger, a Chinese surname and pig separately, I hope they serve as more than a misuse of the Chinese language for exoticism. The only clue; Yao (the surname tattooed on his body), could lend itself to the tattoo being a mark of protection. With links to the otherworld; Constantine may have granted Oliver the protection of his former companion on the island; Yao Fei. Considering the removal of his Shado tattoo; was it just a reminder of the past; or will it be revealed to have linked to this flashback, and prove as mystical as the knowledge we never knew Oliver had.

Noticeably, in his reparations with Diggle, Detective Lance and Laurel; Oliver’s mission becomes more grounded and long standing. With the threat of egotistical leadership lessened, more fool Oliver. I think more so, an attempt to bring shocking turns to Oliver’s life, and grant more screen-time to our other characters; the show can begin to exist outside of Lian Yu (by next season hopefully). Like Oliver, Arrow is trying to let go of its past, except for writing Constantine a part in the show. Not to hate on Oliver Queen but as the team grounds itself, Oliver himself has me restless. In his settlement in Star City as Hero, Mayor and Boyfriend; I am skeptical in this drama’s potential for happiness.

Tomorrow night’s episode “Lost Souls” seems to focus on bringing Ray back, but will probably focus on directing Diggle’s brother, and Sara on the right path once more. Revealed in the promo, Darhk is holding Ray captive? Whilst it may not be what it seems, I honestly am surprised Ray wasn’t running around Palmer tech, trying to pinch Felicity hard enough to notice him.

In this sneak peak, Curtis points out the obvious upon meeting Oliver, although his secret may be safe for now. “You’re married, he’s straight”.

Arrow airs Wednesday at 8|7c on the CW!


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