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Anyone who has spent even five minutes reading Suzanne Collins' Hunger Games books or watching any of the movies already knows that Panem President Coriolanus Snow isn't exactly a dude known for having totally normal and reasonable responses to stressful situations. Like, at all. That's just how he rolls - straight evil, no chaser.

As a tribute to the keg full of bonkers that he brings to the dystopian party and the release of [The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2](tag:449866), here are 7 times that President Snow had literally no chill.

1. When he forces Seneca Crane to eat Nightlock berries

At the end of the 74th Hunger Games, Head Gamemaker Seneca Crane angers President Snow when Crane loses control of the outcome of the tournament and both Katniss and Peeta survive.

Normal human's response: "Goddammit, you had ONE JOB, Seneca. But hey, it's okay. Let's go over this performance evaluation, so I can point out where you could have done things differently."

President Snow's response: Forces Seneca to commit suicide by locking him up in a room with nothing to eat but a bowl of poisonous Nightlock berries as a last symbolic insult about how he let the Games get away from him.

2. When he threatens to bomb District 12 into oblivion

When Katniss and Peeta cheat the system on national television and become the first dual winners in the Hunger Games' history, President Snow is unhappy that many now see Katniss as a rallying point for rebellion.

Normal human's response: "This is distressing, but if I don't make a big deal of it, the momentum will eventually die. Be cool, Coriolanus. Be cool. Just wait it out."

President Snow's response: Shows up at Katniss' house the day she's to leave for the Victory Tour and tells her she must convince not only Panem, but himself, of her love for Peeta, or he'll firebomb District 12 to smoking rubble. Oh, and bee tee dubs, he went full Big Brother on her and secretly recorded her kiss with Gale.

3. When he brutally beats the ones Katniss loves

If President Snow sees Katniss Everdeen as Public Enemy #1, then he sees anyone who allies themselves with her as a close second. The hope and support they give her make her stronger than he likes.

Normal human's response: "They're loyal to her, but surely I can resolve this without making them martyrs. I'll buy their silence or, failing that, have them jailed. As one does in a civilized society."

President Snow's response: Has Gale chained to a post and publicly whipped to try to turn public opinion against Katniss after he interferes with a Peacekeeper mission. Later, in an especially vengeful move, has Cinna dragged away and beaten to death for secretly designing Katniss' wedding dress to symbolize the Mockingjay. Totes normal.

4. When he just straight-up murders people

The rebellion is now gaining momentum, much to President Snow's dismay, and small victories have been made by the various factions of rebels from each district, thanks to Katniss destroying the feed and force field of the Quarter Quell.

Normal human's response: "Okay, Coriolanus. You haven't done a great job at that whole 'be cool' thing and the rebellion is getting out of hand. But you've still got this, bro. Just extend an olive branch to show the people we can work together. Momentum killed. BOOM."

President Snow's response: Broadcasts a chilling speech across Panem, not-so-subtly threatening every single citizen watching. To make his point, he has captured rebels publicly executed and shot in the head on live television as an example of what will happen should anyone turn on the Capitol and join the rebellion.

5. When he actually DOES bomb...pretty much everything

Things are really, really not going well for President Snow and the Capitol. The dam that provides the hydroelectric power to the Capitol has been blown up, the District 13 propaganda videos have united the splinter groups into a cohesive unit, and it's become a true revolution.

Normal human's response: "Man, this is not going well. I mean, really, really not going well. Everything I've done to this point has just made it worse, so—wait...wait...GENIUS IDEA: I'll just do the opposite of everything I've been doing and try NOT being batshit crazy."

President Snow's response: Bombs everything into a smoking pile of rubble. Literally everything. District 8. Katniss and Peeta's home of District 12. The rebel base in District 13, destroying most of its upper levels. District 8 again, this time making sure to take out a freaking hospital. And in the instances of District 12 and 13, he leaves behind his symbol of a white rose behind as a message to Katniss. Because if you can't be evil, definitely be evil and creepy as hell.

6. When he poisons his way to the top

The rebels have managed to both infiltrate the Capitol on a rescue mission for hostages, and buy time by hacking into the news feed, where Finnick broadcasts the secrets he's learned about President Snow's rise to the top. Not President Snow's finest hour.

Normal human's response: "I want to be President. How do I seize power in a chaotic, war-ravaged world? I will show the people I am a strong and just leader, and the best one to lead the rebuilding process. Or, you know...elections. Whatever."

President Snow's response: Poisons those who stand in his way, but to throw suspicious people off his tail, also takes drinks from his enemies' cups that he himself poisoned. Masks the smell of the blood coming from the permanent sores that develop in his mouth with artificially enhanced roses. Not psycho. Not psycho at all.

8. When he does literally anything to Peeta ever

When it becomes clear that President Snow has lost control after the tributes of the underground rebellion blow up the power grid and the nation sees the careful control of the Games break down on live television, he saves his retaliatory coup de grâce for Katniss.

Normal human's response: "You know what? It's fuck-this-shit-o'clock. Someone else can be President. I'm done. I'm just done. Someone get me a whiskey."

President Snow's response: Kidnaps Peeta, then brainwashes him into insanity and compliance through a combination of starvation, physical abuse, psychological torture, fear conditioning, and regular doses of hallucinogenic tracker jacker venom. Does not stop until Peeta is an empty shell and programmed to react with nothing but hatred and fear at the sight of Katniss, realizing it's the cruelest, most effective thing he could ever do to break the Mockingjay.

President Snow: Creepiest villain ever?
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