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Do you love movies? Do you love YouTube? Are you dying for more news, entertaining shows, reviews, and deep analyses of everything film related? Well, let's hope that you are because I'm about to break down ten of the very best YouTube channels out there that have to do with movies. This list will be a combination of critics, internet talk shows, entertainers, and all the best things the internet has to over! Are you excited? I'm excited and I think you should be too. I swear since I got a smartphone-- got it my senior year of high school but I'm not ashamed-- I've basically lived on YouTube. No, not watching cat videos or fails, but scouring around for the movie news in every form. Through this excruciating process I have now come up with the definitive list. Well, now are you excited?

Before we get started, I have to point out that I do subscribe to all these channels but I'm not getting anything out of promoting them. Just thought I'd make that clear. I don't need that needed to be said, per say, but I gotta cover all my bounds.

Let's begin!

10) Screen Rant

Screen Rant is a very fun channel full of interesting lists and fun facts cut together in a very professional, enjoyable way. Unlike other list-based channels, Screen Rant goes out of their way to bring new, unheard of facts to the viewers instead of rather common ones. It's so low on my list not because of anything bad about it, but because it isn't incredibly original. The voice over with pictures or clips running is a very common video form which can get old without some kind of variation. Even with this slight hindrance, Screen Rant is interesting, well put-together, and a good channel for any movie fan looking for new facts.

9) Clevver Movies

If you're looking for movie news given to you quickly and pristinely, Clevver Movies is the channel for you. It has great content, immediate news service, and talented hosts. Apart from being a news channel, Clevver also has interesting lists, fun ideas, and brand new trailers. This might be the highest quality channel on my list though. Their videos are put together extremely well with high definition and professional sound. This was one of the first channels I found because honestly, I may be in love with Erin Robinson-- don't tell her husband. This will be a secret between you and me... and the rest of the internet I suppose. Either way, Clevver is great but doesn't actually give deep commentary on movies, mostly just news.

8) Emergency Awesome

Emergency Awesome is not a channel for everybody. It focuses more on TV shows but does do breakdowns of trailers and movie backgrounds. Emergency Awesome is great if you're looking for in depth, detailed discussions on your favorite fictional lore. He knows everything from Game of Thrones Mythology to new Star Wars Canon which, if you're looking for "history of"s or character biographies, will be perfect for the casual watcher who wants to be more informed. But like I said, he's not for everybody. He isn't the liveliest of YouTubers and his videos can become rather bland but I love listening to him. He's very informed and will almost always answer fan questions or comments.

7) Cinema Sins

Their "Everything Wrong With" videos have made Cinema Sins famous online. They're witty, snappy, and very entertaining not to mention informative and clever. Jeremy and Crew (the creators) not only make hilarious reviews after the movies come out, but also give intelligent commentary on the way to the movie and often times have discussions about certain films. I love Cinema Sins and do the exact same thing that they do whenever I'm watching a terrible movie. It's expertly edited, amusing, and well thought out. His cynical sense of humor does get a little trying and he doesn't actually review tell you how he feels about the movie. Because of that, Jeremy and Cinema Sins only get the number 7 spot. No hard feelings?

6) Mr. Sunday Movies

This is where hilarity, Australians, and nerd culture combine to create a perfect mixture. Mr. Sunday Movies tells all you need to know about comicbooks, sci-fi, fantasy, and you name it in his unrelenting podcast "The Weekly Planet" and his YouTube videos. He is an absolute riot to listen to with his very own brand of craziness and awesome accent. Now, he doesn't cover every genre and is sometimes too crazy to listen to everyday. But when you're in the mood, Mr. Sunday has fantastic trailer breakdown videos, movie reviews, theory speculations, and spotting easter eggs videos. They're all quickly paced, funnily edited, and fairly informative. If you want your news with a comedy twist, look up Mr. Sunday Movies.

5) Schmoes Know

Kristian Harloff and Mark Ellis; what a duo. These are two very intelligent, witty, and fun-loving movie experts who review movies, share their opinions, and occasionally go off on rants... which can be very engaging. Kristian brings a level of organization and intellectualism to the conversation where Mark brings this charm and and wit, making them a great pair that work very well off each other. Their movie reviews are very well developed, their insight is very open-minded, and their personalities are very compatible. The only problem I have with their channel is nothing to do with content, but presentation. It's a very simple look with relatively low quality and not the most professional feel, but has it's own charm to it. I give Schmoes Know "5/5 Schmoes".

4) Screen Junkies

Ever watched an Honest Trailer? Well odds are you have because they're pretty much a YouTube phenomenon. Well Screen Junkies is responsible for them. But that's not all they have. Although Honest Trailers are very creative and endlessly funny, Screen Junkies has much more. The "Screen Junkies Show" may not be everyone's favorite, but they usually have fun visitors and cool panels analysing new movies, trailers, or debating hot topics. Speaking of debating hot topics, ever heard of "Movie Fights"? Well if you haven't go look it up, I'll wait... Enjoyed it? Yeah they're pretty good. Movie Fights, simply put, is 3 movie experts and one judge, talking about new topics or questions in a battle royale. The winner gets... something (fame?)... but they're very entertaining and informative. I love the fighters-- my personal favorites being Dan Murrel, Alicia Malone, and Chris Stuckmann-- and they're usually very engaging topics of discussion. Check out the new Screen Junkies Plus app when you get the chance. Bye Bye!

3) Collider Movie Talk (formerly AMC Movie Talk)

"Greetings and salutations" is always quite welcoming in my book. This show is great for a movie fan looking for substance, behind the scenes information, and thoughtful input. Led usually by John Campea, this show goes deep into every new subject, new issue, new bit of news, and even takes specific questions from their audience. It's a great format for getting your questions answered, not to mention being very entertained. Campea and company (including both Schmoes) have insider information, new perspectives on old issues, and are extremely passionate about their issues without becoming uncivil (unlike Movie Fights). I listen to their show everyday and can't get enough of it. They're usually over an hour so you really do have to commit; but it's worth it.

2) Jeremy Jahns

Do you like movie reviews? Do you like them done quickly? Do you like snappy editing and funny comments? Well then Jeremy Jahns is the man for you. His set up is simple: one man's upper body with a green screen behind him. But it 's his personality that sets him apart. He's very exuberant, engaging, and energetic which makes his reviews short and to the point. I love everything about his channel and his thoughts. Despite presenting himself as kind of a goof, he is really a smart and thoughtful critic who brings his A-Game to every review. Not to mention he's a huge fan of movies which makes him far more interesting than lots of other critics out there; though none on this list. If you like him, comment below, let me know!

1) Chris Stuckmann

My number one pick, the "Stuck man". If you like movies, if you like smart reviews, if you care about the art behind films, this is the channel for you. With expert quality and intelligent commentary, Chris Stuckmann evaluates nearly every film to hit theatres along with thorough analyses of a select few, video game reviews, and even "Hilariocity" videos that talk about movies so awful that they're funny. But why is Stuckmann my number one pick? Plenty of people do movie reviews. Plenty of people give intellectual outlooks on movies. What sets him apart? Well it's his passion and his deep examination of every film that keeps me coming back. He knows so much about movies but that doesn't stop him from enjoying genre pieces too. He seems to be a big fan of everything-- from Star Wars to DBZ-- but underneath it all, he's a fan of movies in general. He gives coherent, well written reviews with passionate standpoints. When I'm picking a movie to watch, I always stop by his channel first. I almost always agree with his opinion and enjoy every video he puts out. So, go get Stuckmannized!

There we have it! My top ten list of movie related YouTube Channels! They're all great and worthy of a new subscriber. Do you agree? Well even if you don't, we're all entitled to our own opinions. If you have a different list, comment below and tell me! Have a channel that's not on my list? Comment! I'd love to find new channels to follow because frankly, I don't have much of a life.

'Til next time!


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