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For anyone who has watched episode 6.05 "Now" of The Walking Dead, you already know of the HUGE news that Maggie just dropped about her future and Glenn's (potentially). If you haven't seen the episode or just want a refresher, watch it here!

Watch out Judith, a new baby might be making it's way into Alexandria in the next eight to nine months! In most cases when a married couple finds out that they are going to have a baby this is wonderful news. But we're talking about The Walking Dead. As much as the people of Alexandria want to believe they can live a normal life, that might be just pie in the sky. Everything in this world comes with added fear and worry, and a pregnancy is definitely cause for alarm. Despite the fact the group has "successfully" brought a new baby into their crazy, messed up world, there are plenty of ways things have gone wrong in the show, comics and video game!

Judith and Lori - The Walking Dead Series

The reason why I have the word "successfully" in quotes is because of what happened during the birth of Judith Grimes. If you can recall (and you probably should), there were some major complications that arose when Lori went into labor. Here's that scene if you need a reminder:

It is highly doubtful that Maggie will share the same painful process that Lori had to endure. After all, the producers have yet to reuse the same death scenes for the dozens of main and supporting characters. At the same time, one can assume that this is not going through Maggie's head. After all, she was the one who had to cut open Lori and extracted Judith from the womb. Although Maggie is in Alexandria and they (sort of) have a doctor there to make sure things go smoothly, even in the real world there can be problems with child birth.

But as gruesome as this scene might be, the comics might have been slightly more brutal...

Judith and Lori - The Walking Dead Comics

First appearance of Judith in Issue 39
First appearance of Judith in Issue 39

The comic version of of Judith's birth was a bit more uplifting. As you can see from the picture above, Lori successfully gives birth to Judith and actually gets to share the moment with her husband, and Judith's "father," Rick (still debatable whether or not Judith is Rick's baby or Shane's). But this picture of a happy family will be short lived. In Issue 48 of The Walking Dead comic series, a tragic event takes place...

That's right for those of you who only watch the show. In the comics, Judith is crushed by the dead weight of her mother. During The Governor's attack, Lori gets shot in the stomach while attempting to carry Judith to safety, only to fall on top of her baby as she collapses lifeless on the ground. It is possible that the producers could switch the comic's storyline with that of Maggie. After giving birth to her baby (named Hershel in the comics and yet to be confirmed in the show), a sudden attack on Alexandria could lead to the death of a beloved character and her new born. With the casting of the notorious Negan being confirmed earlier this week, there's a chance they could replace the Governor's role in this scenario with Negan. Only time will tell if this will happen to Maggie or maybe another fate...

Rebecca - Telltale Games: The Walking Dead

The video game inspired by TWD even addresses the idea of having a baby during the apocalypse. Three different characters are confirmed to be pregnant throughout the series: (in order of appearance) Anna Correa, Christa, and Rebecca. While the status (alive, dead, or walker) of Anne Correa, Christa and their children are unknown (though the dialogue suggests Christa's baby is stillborn or dies shortly after birth), the player does get to see the birth of Rebecca's baby and the after math. Although she successfully gives birth to her son, Alvin Jr., Rebecca does not get to celebrate the arrival of her son for too long. In the next couple of days, the group continues to travel and Rebecca's condition deteriorates more and more. During a confrontation with another group, Rebecca will pass out and die while holding her baby and Clementine puts her down as she reanimates.

It is unlikely that Maggie will succumb to the same conditions Rebecca did. Again, the safety of Alexandria does make a difference in that she can actually rest comfortably, medicine is (or might be) readily available and the access to heat and other resources greatly reduces the possibility of hypothermia. But the idea of a still born or maybe a miscarriage would be a new take on the pregnancy angle. As morbid as the concept might be, it would be interesting to consider what would happen if a matured fetus (seven to nine months) died still in the womb. With the zombie outbreak beginning with a virus inside all humans, it's possible the mother would be in danger if the baby died before birth.

With all these depressing possibilities, let's not forget that there is another option that is much less bleak.

Maggie - The Walking Dead Comics

Maggie and baby Hershel
Maggie and baby Hershel

In the comics, Maggie plays a big role in terms of being a mother and a leader. Early in the series, Maggie and Glenn adopt Sophia as their child after Carol dies in the prison (yeah, incredibly different from the television series). Later, while safe within Alexandria, Maggie reveals to Glenn that she is pregnant after he and a group return from visiting a new community, Hilltop. After Glenn's barbaric death at the hands of Negan, Maggie and Sophia move to the new community where the readers . After a couple of years, we see Maggie with her son, Hershel (named after her late father) and she is now the leader of Hilltop.

Out of all the characters on the show and comic series, Maggie might have the toughest skin yet. Thus far in both series, she has lost every member of her family as well as her husband (presumably in the show) and yet she continues to strive for a brighter future. It even seems that Maggie's future has been foreshadowed from last season when Deanna says she wants to groom Maggie into a leader. Now that Deanna has presumably given Rick control of Alexandria, Maggie's role within Alexandria is now up in the air. Will she continue to be a possible leader within the community or will she take a step back for the sake of the pregnancy? And with the unknown possibility of having other communities being discovered and changing the dynamic of the show, a lot of different scenarios can play out.

Will we get another reunion?
Will we get another reunion?

As unfair as life can be in the zombie apocalypse, it would be nice to see someone in the group have a happier storyline. Personally, I would imagine that Maggie will have a successful birth, especially after Scott M. Gimple's statement on Talking Dead a couple weeks ago:

In someway we will see Glenn, some version of Glenn, or parts of Glenn again either in flashback or in the current story to help complete the story. - Scott M. Gimple (via Chris Hardwick on Talking Dead)

Before I was imagining "parts of Glenn" to be literal body parts but now with the reveal of Maggie's pregnancy, it seems more likely that Gimple was referring to Glenn's baby. But from watching this show for over five seasons I have only come to two constants: this show will keep you guessing and absolutely no one is safe.


Do you think pregnancy has any place in a zombie apocalypse?

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