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Hey, I'm not saying I'm particularly in favor of a 'Big Trouble In Little China' remake, but since they plan on redoing it, I thought I'd give you all my opinion on who should play who.

Jack Burton - Gerard Butler

No one is gonna outdo Kurt Russell's portrayal of the witty Jack Burton Character. With that being said though, I could totally see Gerard Butler pulling something acceptable off. He has a close enough look to the character, and definitely has the acting chops to pull it off.

Wang Chi - Jay Chou

As the courageous, Kung-fu fighting Wang Chi, would be Jay Chou. Who I think is most known as Kato from 'The Green Hornet'. The resemblance isn't far off, the guy can act, and his fighting skills are definitely on point!

Gracie Law - Scarlett Johansson

They look a lot alike, both have those special green eyes, and both give off that smart, confident, sassy kind of feel. This would be perfect casting for the remake when they do it.

Miao Yin - Irina Shayk

This is not one of the biggest roles in the movie, and this particular character doesn't do much, even though she plays a huge part in the film. Irina is a brand new actress though, so this role would suit her well. Plus they're both pretty darn gorgeous!

Lo Pan - Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa

As the iconic Lo Pan character, I chose Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa. We already know he's capable of playing the villain from watching him in 'Mortal Kombat'. Adding on to that is how he actually looks like Lo Pan in many ways. They should definitely cast him.

Egg Shen - Jackie Chan

We already know Jackie Chan is pretty much perfect for this role. Can he fight? Yes. Can he act? Yes. Can he play the old Chinese nut that knows exactly how to stop the villain? Yes!

Thunder - Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson

Yeah so maybe the resemblance isn't all the way there. I'd still give Rock the role, just because of how bad he wants to make this movie. Right now it's rumored he'll play Jack Burton, which could work. But I definitely see him doing better as the leader of the Three Storms... Thunder!

Rain - Jason Momoa

Again, this may not be the best casting as far as looks go... excluding the long hair they both have. But I'm more sure Jason can pull this off. Besides, how awesome will it be to have these huge guys as the Three Storms?

Lighting - Joe Manganiello

As for Lighting, the last of the Three Storms, I've chosen Joe Manganiello. Again, he might not share much of a resemblance with the previous actor, but he can definitely pull off the role. And he'd look awesome beside The Rock and Jason Momoa.

Margo - Amy Adams

Amy Adams would do great as the talkative reporter, Margo. It's not the biggest role in the film, but Ms. Adams can definitely pull it off.

Eddie - Steven Yeun

Finally, as the timid Eddie character, should be the Walking Dead's Steven Yeun. It helps knowing Steven can play this role, his character in the Walking Dead was like the Eddie character in many ways through the first two seasons.

That makes it for my fan casting of this classic movie. I doubt the remake will be as great as the original, but this cast would be a good start!

'Big Trouble In Little China' will star Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson. The release date is still unknown though.


Which actor was the best cast?


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