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Hey, Deanna! Don't tease the walkers! It's mean!

After stabbing her first walker--stabbing not killing (GO FOR THE HEAD DEANNA, THE HEAD)--the now former leader of Alexandria headed to the front gate and decided to rattle her own cage, agitating the walkers outside. The scene was likely meant to show that she is not afraid to face reality after pretending the world was a safe, secure place for so long.

But we're not here to talk about Deanna's walker abuse or even about the Rick/Jessie AKA Ressie kiss that had my Twitter feed filled with fangirl angst for a full 24 hours. No, we're here to talk about what happened after all of that, about the final thing that we saw in season 6, episode 5 (6.05) --blood running down the wall. This blood:

Where did you come from mysterious blood trickle?
Where did you come from mysterious blood trickle?

So what the Hell was it?

Well, as is always the case with TWD, there are a number of fan theories. Join me as I break them down for you, won't you?

Theory One: That There Is Enid's Blood

Are you being nommed like a turtle?
Are you being nommed like a turtle?

What The Theory Involves:

After leaving Carl the vaguest goodbye note ever, Enid took off into the woods and ended up getting driven back by the walkers. She made a break for Alexandria but couldn't see in the dark. Somehow, she got to the wall and was trapped. Much like the turtle she scarfed down, Enid is now being eaten by walkers, and her blood is dripping through the wall.

The Problem With It: Getting Eaten Alive Hurts.

True story! Enid would probably be screaming if she was getting torn limb from limb by walkers, yet we hear none.

Bicycle's Final Take: Unlikely.

Unless they ate the turtle killer's vocal cords first, I think Enid is still Just Surviving Somehow out there.

Theory Two: That There Is Spencer's Blood

Did you cut yourself on your ill-gotten crackers?
Did you cut yourself on your ill-gotten crackers?

What the Theory Involves:

Last time we saw Spencer he was chowing down on some crackers that he no doubt stole, and in this theory, the thieving son of Deanna either takes his own life, falls off the wall or ends up injured some other way--perhaps the crackers were very sharp?--and is bleeding on the wall.

The Problem With It: Gravity. Also Silence.

If Spencer was on top of the wall bleeding, it would be a longer stream of blood traveling from the top. There was no gunshot. Spencer's not man enough to not scream while walkers ate him if he fell.

Bicycle Girl's Final Take: Nope.

Spencer will live to try and steal Abraham's girl another day. Mother dick.

Theory Three: That There Is Glenn's Blood

Sorry, Buddy, you're still  under the dumpster
Sorry, Buddy, you're still under the dumpster

What the Theory Involves:

You guys are gonna hate this one cause it involves our beloved former pizza boy being dead! This theory has it that Glenn was devoured by the walkers along with Nicholas. Now, he's found his way home, but in zombie form. Scott Gimple's promise that we would see Glenn again is partially to blame for this theory.

The Problem With It: Anatomy.

If Glenn is in fact dead, there were an awful lot of walkers eating him. Assuming he even had legs left to walk on, he probably wouldn't have enough blood to leak through the wall.

Bicycle Girl's Final Take: Unlikely.

Glenn may not be under the dumpster, but I think it's more likely that he's standing behind me right now than that he's what's bleeding through the gate. And no, he's not behind me.

Theory Four: It's Random Blood for Symbolism

I see your undead faces on every bloody wall
I see your undead faces on every bloody wall

What the Theory Involves:

Outside, the walkers are feverishly smashing themselves against the walls. Some are so juicy that they're popping and some of their gooey bits are coming through. The whole point is to remind us of the danger right outside.

The Problem With It: Nothing, really. It's just not that exciting.

Bicycle Girl's Final Take: Possible.

The Walking Dead frequently uses symbolism, and reminding us that things are dangerous after Deanna has just acted unafraid makes sense.

Theory Five: It's Random Blood for Foreshadowing

Did Reg make this herd proof?
Did Reg make this herd proof?

What the Theory Involves:

Like the last theory, this one has it that the walkers are smooshing themselves, but in this one, the leak is significant. It's a sign that the walls may not be as strong as they seem to be. Could it be the first tiny crack that will ultimately result in the town becoming overrun?

The Problem With It: Maybe it's just one little hole.

Bicycle Girl's Final Take: Likely.

Out of all of these scenarios, this one seems to be the best choice. You guys don't really think we're getting out of this without at least a few of the undead staggering inside, do you? This is The Walking Dead, after all. And while it often comes as a surprise when and how, it's a show where people die. Often.

But those are just my opinions! What do you guys think?

Are Enid's days of surviving over? Has Spencer stolen his last cracker? Has Glenn come home to Maggie dragging his guts behind him? Is it a symbol? Foreshadowing? Something else entirely?

Tell me what you think in the Comments section! And remember--teasing walkers is mean, Kids. Don't try it at home.


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