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I love it when a character evolves from a kooky, b-list costume to a major player and strong leader. Such is the case when you think about the history of Luke Cage, a.k.a Power Man. Here was a character created by Archie Goodwin and John Romita Jr. with a look that resembled Super Fly or Shaft on steroids, wearing a yellow and blue costume, Wonder Woman sized wrist cuffs, a metal head band, and sporting a Fro on the top.

Marvel Debut

I remember picking up my first Hero for Hire and seeing how cool Luke Cage was, even though his costume was corny. The series with Iron Fist was pretty awesome for a team outside the Marvel mainstream. You were a real fan if you followed these characters.

Being the first black superhero to receive his own title, Luke Cage has evolved from B-lister to A-list superhero. His look has been totally revamped and he has appeared in some of Marvel's top storylines over the years. Yes, it took decades for Marvel to realize how much value Luke Cage really had, but when they did Marvel took full advantage of Power Man's potential as a major player in the comic universe.

Luke Cage over the years:

Luke Cage, is a man wrongfully jailed for a crime he didn't commit. He gained his powers of super strength, impenetrable skin, and accelerated healing through an experiment performed on him while he was incarcerated. The experiment was an effort to find the holy grail of formulas, the super soldier serum that created Captain America.

Marvel gave Luke Cage the honor of serving as leader of an Avengers team. In an attempt to convince Cage to rejoin the Avengers, Steve Rogers and Tony Stark sell the original Avengers mansion to Luke Cage for a dollar. They agree to allow Cage the freedom to recruit his own Avengers team and operate without taking orders from Rogers, though Rogers insists on having Victoria Hand join them as a liaison.

Avengers LEADER.

Cage and his Avengers assist Doctor Strange, Daimon Hellstrom, and Brother Voodoo in stopping Agamotto, the original owner of the Eye of Agamotto, who wanted to destroy all existence, causing the death of Brother Voodoo.

Mr. & Mrs. Luke Cage.

They even gave the man a bride. Marvel made an item out of Luke Cage and Alias star Jessica Jones, and even gave them a child. Proving that old stereotypes can truly be broken with the acceptance of a superpowered, interracial couple.

Enter Mike Colter

Now the blessing of bringing the iconic character who has broken so many stereotypes to life is bestowed on the 39 year old South Carolina native. Having starred, in Zero Dark Thirty, The Following, and Halo: Nightfall, Mike Colter will give us our first dose of Luke Cage in this month's Jessica Jones, set to star in all 13 episodes.

Mike Colter talks about LUKE CAGE.

I'm glad to see how Marvel took a character kept mostly in the dugout and send him towards the top of the superhero charts! Luke Cage is going to change the game this year on Netflix.

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