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Jo Hubert

So we pretty much all love AND hate Stephanie Meyer's twilight saga. We love the triangle, we hate the vapid self loathing main character.

The original saga stretched out a year over the course of four books and left on the worst anti climax in the history of anti climax's.

The single reimagining of the first twilight book ended up being over all a better story than the entire twilight saga by far. Don't ask me; why a girl saving a guy with a mutual attraction for her from a rowdy group of thugs is way more exceptional, thrilling and romantic than your usual single gentleman saving a poor helpless girl from rape in forsaken hush hush whisper fashion, but it is. (they don't even say it out loud in the original one which makes you feel like it's meant for sixth graders.) Maybe it's the green apple on the cover or maybe ten years of criticism and mentally revising her story gave Stephanie Meyer the super surge she needed to paint an authentic in depth love story.

Instead of Bella Swan we get Beau Swan. Unlike Bella, Beau comes of as authentic. Like you actually give a shit about him. You as the ready can feel his emotions and yes actually interesting. You can tell this is probably how Bella was meant to come across.

Beau comes off as reserved, shy and a little anxious. Anxious being his worst trait. Meanwhile Bella is almost always coming off as nonchalant, lachrymose and like she's trying too hard not to be anything. Instead she comes off as this helpless lame version of Wednesday Adams.

Beau's actions of nobility actually feel genuine unlike Bella's melodramatic predictable shinanagens. Maybe it's because Beau's inner monolauge isn't all about how much your life sucks with out a sparkly vampire in it.

Not only does the plot of Life and Death stay consistant with thickness but all the build up is NOT for nothing. Unlike the twilight saga, which is spread like thinnly like thick jelly of the Course of four books so that Bella can get pregnant, turn and prep for a battle that never happens Beau's world is rocked upside with crushing results due to harmful factors of a vampire on human relationship. You can really feel the pain in Beau's loss mean while Bella looses her virginity. Btw that's her legit only sacrifice.

She even gets to see her side nigga happy for crying out loud.

I seriously continued reading twilight because my friend were and I wanted to know what happened. With Life and death I loved every word I consumed.

I found myself blushing and remembering small moments from me and my husbands love story when I poured over its pages. Beau and Edythe were so much more real to me. I loved how Beau spoke of Edythe; like he was wild about her, not like he was beneath her; like Bella did Edward.

At the end of twilight Everything just works out for Edward and Bella. That's not even real life. Love doesn't numb the pain it assuages it. The ending of Life after Death is much more touching because even after the choked up moments, pain and regret Beau and Edythe aknowledge that the circumstances aren't perfect but they go on loving each other perfectly like real couples do.

With Life and Death there wasn't so much for me to hate. I only hated finishing it too quickly.


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