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Would you like to be the most smartness person alive!?

Well in this T.V. show that is what it is about. Smart people saving the world.

There are 4 genius's in the group, 2 of them help out with the missions, but they help the most even know they are not genius's. The 4 genius's always cover up their emotions with facts. But Walter is getting better with the emotions, because Paige is helping him with it.

Names of the people on Scorpion:

Walter- He is the main genius in the show. He is able to hack anything even Area 51. Can tell if a security system is really bad.

Agent Gallo-he is the government handler, works for Scorpion, and Scorpion. He knows all the fighting things.

Happy- she is the that builds everything. She does not break or cry at any time.(favorite)

Toby- behavior therapist. He has serious feelings for Happy Quinn, who rarely shows the same feelings to him, even though she has them also. (P.S. he is my 2nd favorite)

Sylvester- he is the human calculator. He is able to browse through pages really fast and remember everything (photograph memory) on the pages. He and Toby use to work together robbing banks until Walter found him.

Paige- She helps translate the would for the team understanding humans, while understanding her genius son Ralph.

Hope you watch the show, and hope you love it just as much as I do.


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