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From the original 3 Spider-Man flicks all the way to the latest incarnations of the web-slinger, we have only been able to see altered versions of his classic red and blue costume. So I want to point out 5 Spider-Man outfits we need to see on screen at some point or another.

5. The Spider-Man 2099 Costume

It's not that I'd particularly want to see a futuristic spin on the Spider-Man franchise just yet. His 2099 costume however... is gorgeous.

4. The Miles Morales Costume

The now famous Miles Morales version of Spider-Man, has an even more famous costume. The black and red take on Spidey's classic outfit sits well with my eyes. And I'm sure it'd look even better on screen.

3. The CLASSIC Spider-Man Costume

We have never seen Spider-Man wear the original, classic, red and blue suit from the comics. By classic I mean the bright colored red and blues instead of the darker colors they've gone with before. As well as the short black spider in the center of his outfit, along with the rounder, brighter red one in the back.

2. The Classic Symbiote Costume

Of course we want to see the classic symbiote costume on screen right? In the third Spider-Man movie, the infamous black costume wasn't anything like what it's really supposed to be. But since Spidey's back in a place where they do things true to the comics, we can definitely expect that notorious black and white outfit.

1. The Iron-Spider Costume

With the upcoming Civil War movie Marvel is releasing, fans really want to see Iron Man pop out that incredible red and gold outfit for Spider-Man. Not only does it look awesome, but it's necessary to the storyline Marvel's going with!


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