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Earlier today we were treated to an amazing set photo from the upcoming Arrow/ The Flash crossover, Legends of Tomorrow, featuring none other than Hawkgirl and Hawkman (in full costume, no less!).

We've already met Hawgirl Kendra Saunders (Ciara Renee) as the new barista at Jitters (and potential love interest for Cisco), but Hawkman has yet to make an appearance. We've also yet to see Kendra suited up or using any of her powers; right now, she's just a cute girl slinging coffee for Cisco and the gang.

The crossover will continue to introduce players for the upcoming Legends of Tomorrow spin-off show. Hawkman and Rip Hunter are rumored to be making an appearance in the crossover event, to join Sara Lance/White Canary, Jefferson Jackson/Firestorm, and Ray Palmer/ATOM.

But who are Hawkman and Hawkgirl? How are these well-known members of the Justice League going to fit into the Flarrowverse? Read on for a 101 on Kendra Saunders and Carter Hall.

The Backstory

Hawkgirl and Hawkman have been bound together since the times of ancient Egypt, where their story begins. Prince Khufu and his love, Chay-ara (sometimes written as Shiera), discovered a spaceship crashed on Earth which contained a new element known as The Nth Metal. This metal gave them both powers, but they were murdered by the evil sorcerer Hath-set, and all three became trapped in a cycle of reincarnation for all time.

Note: This is the accepted origin story, although various reboots and story arcs have occasionally provided different versions. The assumption is that this will be the basic story used in this latest live-action version, although with the Flarrowverse, anything could happen!


The current incarnation of Hawkgirl, Kendra Saunders, was a troubled teen whose body was taken over by the spirit of Chay-ara when she committed suicide. Unlike previous versions, she doesn't remember her past lives with Hawkman, so it took quite some time before the two of them were reconciled as lovers.

As Hawkgirl, Kendra can fly (using a belt made of the Nth metal), and the metal also gives her super-strength. Her many reincarnations have made her a weapons expert, and she is a formidable fighter. Her costume features the signature hawk-inspired helmet that we see in the new photos, but usually also involves wings and a mace.

We don't know much about how this will translate in The Flash, but it seems that Kendra may not be in full control of her powers yet. If she was fully realized as Hawkgirl, presumably one of our other supers (or supernatural types) would have run into her in the past. We did see Constantine recovering a magical Egyptian artifact in his Arrow appearance; could this be related to the Hawks?


Carter Hall (to be played by Falk Hentschel) has gone through a range of reboots and different incarnations, but is currently infused with the Nth metal that gave him and Chay-ara their powers. While Chay-ara (as Kendra) has no memory of him, he still remembers her, and follows her in an attempt to help her regain her lost memories of their previous lives.

Like Hawkgirl, Hawkman has the power of flight and super-strength, as well as wings and living armor. He has also been shown to have healing powers in the past. He prefers to use older weapons as well (and we can see him with a mace in these images), and also wears a hawk mask and possesses wings.

Currently, we know very little about how Carter will play into the world of The Flash and Arrow. A logical option would be to have him following Kendra; we know from her previous appearances that she is "new in town", so perhaps he follows her to Central City to try and help her understand her powers and her past.

The Big Question

While these new images look amazing, the big question is; are they going to have wings? We've got the maces and the masks, and the series have shown that they are not afraid to get a little out-there and supernatural. I just can't imagine seeing Hawkman and Hawkgirl flying without wings, so I have to assume that they will be making an appearance on the show.

Perhaps they will have metal wings, built into costumes, or we may even see their armor become fully supernatural; springing into life when they need it courtesy of the Nth metal that is part of them.

What about Cisco?

Another questions for fans is how the appearance of Hawkman will affect Cisco's burgeoning relationship with Kendra. Right now, they are at the very beginning of what could be an adorable romance, and if Kendra isn't aware of her connection to Carter, she might prefer Cisco. However, we all know that these two are destined to be together- if the show chooses to keep the reincarnation background, there's just no getting away from Hawkman and Hawkgirl as a couple.

Legends of Tomorrow

Season Two of The Flash and Season Four of Arrow are slowly introducing us to all of the Legends cast, so I predict that Hawkman is able to convince Hawgirl that she is the reincarnated spirit of an Egyptian princess, and they leave the show to appear on Legends together. We do definitely know that Hawkgirl will be a major part of the new series, so she won't become a feature on The Flash - how that happens, however, is still up in the air.

The Arrow/Flash crossover episodes air the first week in December, and Legends of Tomorrow comes to our screens next year.


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