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So apparently the young Han Solo anthology film for Disney's new expanded Star Wars universe will be Lawrence Kasdan's last writer's job for a Star Wars movie.

So to save him the work, I'm going to pitch y'all my young Han Solo movie.

What we know so far:

So what we know so far is not much, Christopher Miller and Phil Lord are going to direct it while Lawrence Kasdan writes.

And that's all that is really known about the young Han Solo movie.

The Pitch:

So what we do, is we get Harrison Ford and Billy Dee Williams to sit down in a cantina, drink some blue milk and make them reminisce about the good ol' days.
(Cause Star Wars needs a drunken buddy movie)
You must be like "how are we gonna have them reminisce?"
Well I'll tell you.
Get Anthony Ingruber in as young Han Solo and Donald Glover as young Lando Calrissian.

Wouldn't it be so awesome to get Anthony Ingruber as a young Han Solo?
And before you say "he isn't well known enough to be Han Solo"
Guess what? No one knew who the frack Harrison Ford was until he did Star Wars!

I mean just watch this video and you will see how amazing Anthony is.

Anthony even played a younger Harrison Ford in Age of Adaline!

But anyway... I think Donald Glover would work amazingly as a young Lando.

Essentially my young Han Solo movie would be bros reminiscing about their bro-ventures.
We'd see how Han met Chewie, how Han got the Millenium Falcon.

All in all, I think it could work out great, maybe in the style of a space comedy.

tl;dr pitch:

Lego guys, Kasdan, Ford, Dee Williams, Ingruber and Glover. Blue milk drinking in a cantina whilst reminiscing, with heaps of flashbacks to their young days. Star Wars needs a drunken buddy movie. Hope they shoot a rodian first simultaneously for old time's sake. Wanna hear Lando say "I'm getting too old for this sith!"


So what do you think about my young Han Solo movie pitch?


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